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Author: Kay Keough

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Kay Keough is a freelance writer, editor and designer based in Sandwich, Mass. She covers arts and entertainment and community news in the Cape Cod area, designs information graphics for data-driven stories and copy-edits a variety of publications. She is a technology enthusiast with several years of experience as a tech journalist and in her spare time is an improviser, painter, baker and candlestick maker. She can be reached at k_keough@yahoo.com.

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“Why are you wasting your time with that? Is your homework done?” That familiar refrain is probably heard thousands of times a day in households across the country. Parents think teens spend too many hours playing video games or drawing a graphic novel or knitting. But what if that seemingly impractical interest has some tangible benefit and even is the key to a future career? How do teens turn their “time wasters” into an asset on their high school resumes and college essays? If you know what you love, do something with it. “Nothing sells more than demonstration,” says Jill ...

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Boarding school independence

Summer break provides ample opportunity for fun. But if you want to improve a lagging grade, get ahead on course credits, hone a talent or practice living independently, you might consider spending part of your off-time in a teen summer program at a boarding school. There are 231 college-prep and junior boarding schools that offer summer programs, according to Boarding School Review. Many in the United States welcome a mix of domestic and international students and teach ESL (English as a Second Language) to help students from overseas integrate into the American experience and culture. Some students use the programs ...

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teen stress homework junior

Like other parents, Elena Selivan often wondered if her daughter Nikita, a junior at Lexington High School in Lexington, Mass., was really doing her homework or just twiddling her thumbs, listening to music and Snapchatting in her room after school. But an important realization struck one day when Nikita wanted to go out with friends, and Elena balked. “When have I ever not done my work?” Nikita asked. “I realized (high school kids) are working so hard, and we as parents don’t see it. We only see a selection of it: their grades,” says Selivan. “They’re dealing with sports, grades, ...

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How Theater Skills Transform into Life Skills

Having a theatrical background himself, Rob Seitelman might be a little biased, but he believes students involved in theater take valuable skills to college. “We have to allow ourselves to explore and use everything we learn to potentially help us understand theater – and, by extension, help us understand life,” says Seitelman, the Princeton Review’s director of educational partnerships for the Southwest and Pacific Northwest. We talked to Seitelman and other college experts and students about how theater training can give you a leg up over peers, both during the college application process and in the transition to college. Here ...

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4 Strategies to Fund the Gap Year of Your Dreams

Whether you want to see the world, test out an interest or learn a new skill, taking a gap year after high school can send you in an exciting new direction. But is it possible to have an affordable life-changing experience and still have enough money to return to the even-more expensive world of academia? Absolutely, say the experts, and they are keenly aware of your budgetary concerns. “Affordability is kind of my thing because, frankly, I’m kind of shocked when I see some of the prices for these gap programs,” says Sue Di Filippo, owner of the student consulting ...