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Author: Rachel Devaney

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Rachael Devaney is a free-lance writer and reporter who lives on Cape Cod.

Posted Dec. 15, 2017, 8 a.m. by Rachel Devaney | View Comments
4 Ways To Know If A STEM Summer Program Is Right For You

Researching STEM summer programs can be intense. How do you know that a science, technology, engineering or math camp will hit on the right things you need? There are hundreds of programs, some at elite institutions like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the U.S. Naval Academy, others at local schools or recreation departments. Each focuses on different aspects of STEM, and activities can vary widely from robotics and chemistry to space science and virtual reality. You don’t want to waste money or time on a program that is boring, stale or that adds little to your knowledge bank. And ...

Posted Aug. 11, 2016, 2:08 p.m. by Rachel Devaney | View Comments
 8 Ways to Rock as a Summer Intern

While scoring a summer high school internship is a major league accomplishment – it's only half the game. You may have spent the year perfecting your resume, collecting references and applying for a spectrum of summer internships, but, once you get it, maintaining it is a job in itself. All students can benefit greatly from some preparation and training before they begin their internships, says Monique De La Oz, senior director of career development at Phipps Neighborhoods, a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive education and career programs for young people and families in the New York City area. "What many ...

Posted July 26, 2016, 9:10 a.m. by Rachel Devaney | View Comments
Beef Up Your Resume with a High School Internship

High school internships let you explore interests, learn new things, get on-the-job-training and develop skills that will boost your college applications and help you be successful. An internship allows a student to demonstrate an interest in something specific and “that makes them a much better candidate for college,” said career advisor Allison Cheston of Career Connector. Internships can also help develop a network for college letters of recommendation and reflect your interest in specific areas, such as pre-med programs and medical school. While it might be easier to find internships in major cities, such as Washington, D.C., Chicago or Boston, ...