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Author: Pam Willsey

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Pam Willsey, a licensed therapist and certified life coach, is the industry leader in equipping young women to navigate the challenges and opportunities of their Freshman year. She is the founder of the Freshmen 2.0 College Bound program, the “real deal girls project,” and has been leading "The Grrrls Connection" for middle school and high school girls for over 15 years. Willsey, a mother of two, is the CEO of willseyconnections.com, a Boston-based coaching firm.

Posted June 24, 2016, 9 a.m. by Pam Willsey | View Comments
 How To Help Our Girls Transition to College

As a college transition coach, I’ve seen the worry, excitement and anxiety of parents sending their daughters off to college. The hopeful optimism of “she’ll be fine,” mingled with the fear that comes from wondering what may really be going on … and what may be to come. And I’ve heard plenty of mixed feelings from the girls themselves, as they learn to navigate a brand new terrain that requires new levels of responsibility, intensity and problemsolving that are the hallmarks of transitioning from high school to college. Our daughters need our help You don’t have to look far to ...