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Author: Marshall Corey

Marshall Corey is the College Buddha. He has over 30 years of experience in business and education. His passion is guiding students and parents through the college admissions and financial aid process with the goal of preparing the best possible application (including essays), and finding the "right" school for the student to spend 4 years. All with a little zen.  He is a proud associate member of the IECA.

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We were in fourth grade and Scott, Steve and I rode our bicycles past Lisa Kaputnick’s house. Back and forth. Back and forth. It was my first crush. She was nowhere in sight and I was too scared to ring her doorbell. We rode to Scott’s house and we looked up her number in the phone book (please Google what a phone book is.) I nervously dialed the telephone. It rang and her mother answered. “May, I speak to Lisa,” I squeaked out. Lisa came on the line and I asked her if she liked me. I know, a pretty ...