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Author: Jon Bruehl

Andy McKernan writes about how high school students can find the right college fit. Connect with Andy and Aaron Sorenson to ask questions or learn more about how you can play your sport in college.

Posted March 15, 2016, 9 a.m. by Jon Bruehl | View Comments
Why You Shouldn’t be Scared to Post on Social Media

Who’s monitoring what you put online? I know, I know: Everyone from your parents and guidance counselors to teachers and coaches say the same thing. Once you put something up online, it’s hard to take it down. But it’s hard to always keep that in mind when everything, from everyone, is trending online. According to The Guardian, 75 percent of millennials – the generation that includes both you and me – have an account. So while it’s important to make sure you don’t put anything compromising online, and to take down anything questionable as soon as possible, it’s just as ...