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Author: Stephanie Hicks

“Lion's Heart is a well-run community service group full of people who truly want to help make the world better.” - Tyler C., Arizona State University.

Posted March 7, 2016, 9 a.m. by Stephanie Hicks | View Comments
5 Things That Happen When Teens Volunteer

Lion’s Heart offers teens across the nation a way to connect with their communities through volunteer opportunities. Teens gain a lot from volunteer experiences; they learn, grow and mature. Lion’s Heart is dedicated to organizing, inspiring and empowering teens to serve the community in fun and meaningful ways while promoting leadership, accountability and teamwork. Lion’s Heart organizes members into groups so they can volunteer for various nonprofit and philanthropic organizations in their communities. Each chapter of teens elects their own officers and runs their own meetings. With this structure, members have the power to choose how they want to serve ...