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Author: Mary Ann Riel

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Mary Ann Riel is an Acting Coach and the Artistic Director of A Midsummer’s Dreaming Theatre Company. The theatre company conducts challenging, dynamic summer programs, including an Acting Boot Camp geared toward college audition preparation. She can be contacted for an interview at 973-746-8686.

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Want to Be An Actor? Check Our Reality List

Congratulations! I am so glad that that you have discovered joy upon the stage. In all likelihood, you have become a better person because the theater has enriched your soul, provided you with friendships, and given you some serious life skills above and beyond those of many of your peers. Now you are considering the stage for your profession and want to study acting in college. Great! I fully support you pursuing your goal with a caveat: You need to know that there is a price of admission to those dreams and tuition may be the least of it. The ...