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Don Stoll, who holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Penn State, enjoys the good fortune of living fifty yards from his office in a house on the Idyllwild Arts campus with his wife. Because their four children have grown up, Don and Marianne have time every summer (since 2008) to lead volunteers for their small nonprofit to the same remote Tanzanian village for work alongside its residents on development projects requested by the villagers.

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What Good is an Arts Education? You’ll be Surprised

You’d probably expect someone working in a biologist’s observation outpost, such as Dr. Amber Pairis, or in a law office, like Dobrina Dobreva, to be a practical, hard-headed type. You might never guess that in their teens, Amber studied art photography and Dobrina trained as a classical violinist, or that they believe their professional success has a lot to do with their arts training. Their stories suggest that teens looking for a high school that prepares them for college and enriches their lives long after college, may want to consider a high school that specializes in the arts. Very few ...