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Author: Quiana Querisma

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Quiana Querisma is from Dallas, Texas, and is a student at the University of North Texas studying interior design. Her interests include reading, painting, and dancing.

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Female college students taking notes in class.

We all hit a point in our lives where we think back on a situation and wish we had confronted it differently. For me, a lot of the things I want to change involve my freshman year at college and how I would have improved my future just by tweaking little mistakes. I am currently a sophomore at the University of North Texas studying interior design, I love my school, the people I’ve met, and the many life lessons I came to learn. But looking back, there are many things I learned and could’ve taken advantage of to prepare for ...

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Take my SAT Advice: Don't Forget Your Calculator

A SAT score could be the deciding factor between you getting into the university or college of your dreams or being stuck at a dead-end job that pays you minimum wage. The infamous test can be seen as overwhelming especially since it's confusing to decide when and how to prepare for it. Today there are many more resources available to teens than ever before, which makes it crucial to utilize them and get best score possible. The new version of the test has only two sections, math and evidence-based reading and writing, and an optional persuasive essay. They’ve changed the ...

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Want to go to College? Get AVID About it!

There comes a point for all students where they start to consider their grades and how much grades can affect their lives. For me and many others, this happened during middle school when I was introduced to AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program. Through AVID I learned how to make the most of my education by utilizing the sources around me. AVID is used at 4,800 sites in the United States and the skills that are learned in the classroom surround college and career readiness. That only reinforces the primary focus of AVID itself, which is getting into college. The ...