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Author: Lisa Rose Bauer

Lisa Rose Bauer has helped students/parents navigate the college journey since 1998. Currently, she manages Student Accessibility Services and is an adjunct faculty member at Roger Williams University, her alma mater (BA in Communications). With two college students of her own, a sophomore and a senior, Lisa traverses higher education personally, as well. Holding an MA in Children’s Literature from Simmons College, she is the author of: Teapots, Buttons, Memi and Me (2014).

Posted Nov. 24, 2015, 9 a.m. by Lisa Rose Bauer | View Comments
The Six P's to Pack for College - They aren't What You Think!

We've all heard the term "like two peas in a pod..." But really aren't there more than two peas in a pod? There are actually five, six and sometimes seven. So when packing for college let's consider for a minute how many P’s can fit into your “pod.” Oh, I see you going right to pillows, paper, plastic bins. Nope. Not essential P’s. So what P’s are essential to be successful in that first year? Here are my six: Purpose, plan, priority, perseverance, patience and productivity. Purpose: Will you have a solid purpose for heading off to college? A purpose ...