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Author: Brad Schiller

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Brad Schiller is the CEO of EditRevise, a service that provides professor quality writing feedback on a student budget. He is a leading proponent of democratizing access to feedback, enabling everyone to improve their skills regardless of socioeconomic status and personal connections. He is the author of Embrace the Case Interview, a guide for aspiring consultants to get the interview and land the job and frequently writes on the EditRevise Writing Center and BradsBlog.com.

Posted Feb. 15, 2018, 1:40 p.m. by Brad Schiller | View Comments
College Essay Mistake

What is the single biggest mistake you can make on your college application? Submitting a narrative as your essay response to the prompt. You might as well just include the wrong school name while you are at it. Sadly, most essays reviewed by EditRevise spend 90 percent of the content on storytelling filled with flowery, pointless metaphors and needless descriptions. To get into your dream school, it is crucial that you do NOT make the narrative mistake. What matters most about an essay is its introspection -- commentary on the anecdotes and thoughts on what the prompt is asking. A ...