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Author: Zachary Bernstein

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Zachary Bernstein is a high school senior at the Dalton School in New York City. He is the founder and President of the High School Leadership Academy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, which provides practical leadership training to high school students focusing on skill development and exposure to business leaders. For more information on the High School Leadership Academy, please visit www.highschoolleadershipacademy.com

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How to be a Leader in High School

What's the most important leadership trait? It's not being afraid to take risks, Jeff Zucker, president of CNN says. Zucker is one of the people interviewed by members of the High School Leadership Academy, a nonprofit that I launched in 2014 to give students in the New York City area a chance to meet with industry leaders and develop leadership skills. Overall, he counseled us that the key to success is to work really hard, be confident and to take risks. He also advised to not be afraid to make mistakes, to admit to a mistake when you make one, ...

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Leadership Lessons from New York Jets

If you’re in high school, you never know where the most valuable lessons will come from. I launched the High School Leadership Academy to give New York metro area students practical leadership training by connecting them with officials and executives in a variety of industries. Our first meeting was with six top executives from the New York Jets, including the football team’s president, Neil Glat. Here are six pieces of advice we gained from the Jets executives about leadership: A lot of “A” students fail to succeed because they don’t know how to be effective when dealing with people. By ...