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Author: Lauren Gaggioli

Lauren Gaggioli is a Number 2 Pencil Nerd. (At least, that's what her dad nicknamed her in high school because she actually enjoyed taking tests.) After 8 years working as a private test prep tutor, Lauren founded Higher Scores Test Prep, an online SAT & ACT prep company. She is also the host of The College Checklist Podcast, a weekly podcast about all things college admissions. Lauren continues to take the SAT & ACT today and enjoys the experience just as much as she did in high school!

Posted Oct. 19, 2015, 8 a.m. by Lauren Gaggioli | View Comments
studying for the new SAT

Change spawns anxiety, partial truths, and myths about what’s coming next. And when change occurs on a college admissions exam such as the redesigned SAT coming in March 2016, those myths can lead to decisions that are expensive for parents and stress inducing for students. From what I've heard so far in the public rhetoric, most experts are either praising the new exam fervently or denouncing it fully. Some of us, though, are taking the middle road of "let's wait and see." Even though we have some published materials from the official test maker and an estimated curve, we don't ...