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Author: John Bergin

John Bergin is a junior at UMass Amherst. He’s an improv comedian in the longform improv troupe on campus, Toast! and plays bass in the band Calico Blue. Though he’s studying Journalism, French, and Violin Performance, in the future he sees himself working at an instrument shop and doing improv professionally with his friends somewhere in the contiguous United States. Sorry Alaska; it’s nothing personal.

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when your passion isn't your career

I have realized that my artistic passion will not be my career. And I’m OK with that. Let me start with two points, for anyone who reads this and thinks, “Well, I guess all those years of lessons / classes / workshops / masterclasses / ensembles are a total waste because this (hopefully) relatable 21-year-old tells me they are in his eloquently worded article.” First, if that’s what you take away from this, you’re not reading this correctly. No part of this article is meant to attack the pursuit of an artistic passion as a career. I envy that pursuit, ...

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make a big campus feel small

I go to a big school. No, really. With an average undergraduate population of 40,000, I go to a BIG school. That sort of number can sometimes frighten people and make them think like this: “How will I make any close friends when there are so many people?” “Will I lose myself in a sea of faces?” “Do any of my social choices have any true bearing or will they be forgotten like the hundreds of other people who’ve made those same choices in the past?” So let me provide you with a short list for how to make a ...