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Author: Rowena Lindsay

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Rowena Lindsay is a third year journalism student at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. She has interned at The Christian Science Monitor and also served as the Arts & Entertainment editor for The Huntington News – Northeastern’s student newspaper.

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It is never a good feeling to check your bank account and realize you have way less money that you thought you did. First, there is the sinking feeling when you see that there is less in the total balance than there used to be. Then, panic sets in, followed by regret. What did I spend all that money on? So whilte you are in high school, get into the habit of keeping track of your own finances while you still have your parents to fall back on. 1. Credit cards? Use your phone. It can be really easy to ...

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Tips for Choosing Classes That Are Right for You

At the beginning of college, picking classes can seem like either a daunting task or no big deal, but in reality it falls somewhere in between. It is important to learn skills that will help you get a job after you graduate, but you should also get a chance to explore your interests. Here are some tips for choosing classes that are both worthwhile and enjoyable. Explore your options. If you are even vaguely interested in a different major, take a class in that topic your first or second semester. As you get farther into your major's curriculum there becomes ...

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Things I Wish I Had Known Going into College

I could not wait to start college. I had a countdown to my (estimated) move in date long before I even knew where I was going to school. Over the summer, I meticulously picked out my classes and made a comprehensive packing list. I read a lot of blog posts like this one. I was ready for college, and yet the experience still found ways to surprise me. Changing Majors Statistics say that approximately 80 percent of college students change their major at least once, but I was convinced I was an exception. I went into school as an English ...