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Author: Caroline Chang

Originally from Chicago, Caroline made a home in sunny California to attend Occidental College, where she earned a B.A. in Psychology. As an undergraduate, this accomplished student-athlete swam competitively all four years for the Division III Tigers and completed multiple internships during her tenure. Caroline assists the marketing team in business development efforts as well as helping to maintain and grow ArborBridge’s presence online.

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Best Tips for Perfecting Study Habits in College

I remember one of the (many) things that hit me hardest my freshman year of college was not practicing “good study habits.” After my very first college exam was handed back to me, I stared at the score in disbelief. It didn’t make any sense—I had gone to every class, taken notes, and completed all of my homework. By high school standards, that would get me an “A” without a doubt. In college, however, it’s not enough. So, while "How am I supposed to study in college?" might sound like a pointless question, it really isn't. Many high school students ...