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Author: Johnny Duda

Dr. Johnny Duda is a 20-year veteran in education, and founder of Vault Prep, the premier tutoring, test prep, and college counseling company in Los Angeles. Dr. Duda graduated from Harvard University in 1999 and received his doctorate in Education Leadership from UCLA in 2011. Dr. Duda founded Vault Prep to give students and families a "one-stop-shop" for navigating the challenges of middle school, high school, and college with confidence and ease.

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Admissions Timeline for Rising Seniors: Six Ways to Get Ahead of the Curve

Here are 6 ways you can maximize your time this summer to get ahead of your college applications: Download 1. Finalize Your List Deciding early which schools are “best fit” for you will help you get a head start on everything else. You want to narrow your list to 8-10 schools (max 12) with a balance of admissions selectivity. Aim for at least 2 “safety” schools, 4 “target” schools, and 2 “reach” schools. If you aren’t sure how to categorize the schools on your list, speak to your college counselor before summer break! If you haven’t had an opportunity to ...