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Author: Susan Moeller

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Susan Moeller is a former newspaper editor and reporter who has directed education coverage as well as written about schools and children. She lives on Cape Cod, has three children and is a veteran of the boarding school and college search process.

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Are you thinking of spending part of your precious summer in a summer academic program for teens? If so, congratulations. You’re making an important commitment to your future, especially if you’re looking at summer programs that offer college credit. There are several ways to get college credit over the summer while still in high school. You could take an online course or take a class at the local community college - both of those are convenient and usually affordable options. But neither lets you experience what it’s like to live on a college campus, to be responsible for yourself away ...

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The label “boarding school” implies that all the students live on campus. But that’s not always true. Often schools accept both day and boarding students. It’s up to you – the prospective student – to decide how the ratio of boarders to day students affects the ambience of the school and whether that’s a good fit for you. At schools that offer boarding, the average percentage of boarders is about 70 percent, according to boardingschoolreview.com. But, that can vary widely depending on several factors: whether a boarding school is in a rural or urban area; whether it offers a specialized ...

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Let’s be practical. It’s great to be a student interested in science, technology, engineering and math, but where will the jobs be when you’re ready to step into the workforce? The good news, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, is that many STEM occupations are projected to grow faster than the average. The government expects overall STEM employment (excluding health care) to grow about 13 percent between 2012 and 2022. That’s about 2 percent better than the rate overall. Health-care jobs add another big share. As many as 25 percent of all jobs will be in health care by ...

Posted Aug. 3, 2016, 11:09 a.m. by Susan Moeller | View Comments
7 Steps to Finding a Great High School Tutor

It’s no longer a stigma to ask for extra help. Almost 65 percent of students in one Dallas suburban school district used a tutor or received after-school coaching in the classroom, according to a 2011 study reported in D magazine. “Sometimes kids ask for it, sometimes parents,” says Libby Sassano, a private tutor in the Ridgefield, Conn., area, who works with high school students. “Parents know when the grades start to go down or when their kids are really stressed out.” Our experts say a tutor or coach can build the confidence so critical to success, whether it’s in a ...

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 10 Things I Learned When My Kids Took Gap Years

There are lots of reasons for your child to take a gap year. He’s worn out just from getting into college and needs a break before buckling down again. She needs more maturity to handle independence. He’s struggling with academics and needs to learn to manage time. She wants to find out if she really wants to be a veterinarian. As a parent, I’m a big fan of gap years or semesters before college. Two of my three children took a gap year, for reasons that were both similar and quite different. Both had been in boarding school and really ...

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STEM From Dance for Girls

Love STEM? Love Dance? Here’s How to Combine the Two Yamilée Toussaint thinks she might have answer to help young women push through the difficulties of thriving in the world of STEM: dance. Toussaint is the founder of STEM from Dance, a New York City-based nonprofit that uses dance to support middle- and high-school girls in science, technology, engineering and math. Girls in the program work together to choreograph a dance and use computer coding to synchronize digital visuals. The process builds confidence, teaches STEM skills as well as problem solving and collaboration, and helps the girls support each other, ...

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stem teen science mathematics sustainability agriculture medical gap

If you’re a STEM student, you’ve probably been working hard. No one likes to get behind in a course involving science, technology, engineering or math. Download So this might be the time to think about what happens after high school graduation - not about college but about not going to college. It’s not crazy talk. A gap year or semester away from a traditional classroom might be a reset button for your brain or just the thing to kick-start the next phase of your life. You can network, gain hands-on work lab experience, or even learn a language that would ...

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How Your STEM Career Could be Down on the Farm

Thinking about a STEM career? Think about that apple in your lunch. Science has long been a part of food production. Thomas Jefferson, for example, used science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to demonstrate that contour plowing works better to hold water along hillsides than straight horizontal rows. You could be a food scientist, a crop production specialist, an educator in sustainable growing methods, an animal-breeding expert, a farmer – all jobs that rely on STEM. You could explore nutrition, greenhouse emissions, off-shore aquaculture, animal breeding or forest management. Between now and 2020, there is expected to be an average of ...

Posted Feb. 22, 2016, 10:59 a.m. by Susan Moeller | View Comments
What ‘The Martian’ Says About STEM Might Surprise You

If you’ve seen “The Martian,” you know that the solution to being stranded on Mars by yourself without enough food or water is to “science the (expletive) out of it.” In fact, the BBC called the movie (based on the book by Andy Weir) a “love letter to science” – and it’s hard to believe that Matt Damon’s Oscar nomination won’t boost interest in ­high school and college STEM programs. ?There’s plenty of actual science in the movie (some of it enhanced because, well, it’s a movie) but if you aren’t too bewitched by Damon’s impish humor or feats of ...

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How to Combine STEM and Community Service

Download Want to combine your interest in science, technology, engineering and/or math with helping others? We looked around for some community service ideas that might put your STEM skills to work. 1. Think old. Is there council on aging or senior citizens center in your town that needs technology tutors? Yes, older people are more technologically savvy these days but that doesn’t mean people aren’t sometimes overwhelmed by, say, a new phone with multiple apps and security settings. Some senior centers have times that people can bring in tablets or phones for tutorials. See if they need another volunteer expert. ...

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