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Author: Tracy Jackson, PhD

Dr. Tracy Jackson has been a school counselor since 1997 with experience at the elementary, middle & high school levels. She earned her PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision from Old Dominion University where she is an adjunct professor. As Coordinator of Guidance Services for Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Tracy oversees the comprehensive school counseling programs for 85 schools & works with over 170 school counselors. Her blog provides resources & information to school counselors.

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what to expect in high school

“I can’t believe my child is going to high school!” said a close friend of mine. That sentiment is true for hundreds of thousands of parents across the country right now. As school districts prepare for the beginning of the school year, here are some things to remember about how high school will be different than eighth grade. 1. Courses with upper classmen While core subjects (English, science, social studies and math) usually are filled with the same grade level of students, there may be an occasional upper classman. These students either failed and must repeat the class, or perhaps ...

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new school

Perhaps your family moved (as if that weren’t stressful enough…). Or perhaps you just needed a new academic venue. Either way, going to a new school with its unknown polices and procedures can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you follow these simple rules: 1. Investigate before you move This may be a challenge for some families, depending on how soon you have to move. However, calling the new school in advance to get all the information about transferring credits, graduation requirements, etc., can save a world of disappointment. Some school districts may not be ...

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5 LGBTQ College Planning Resources

For many students, finding the right university- and the overall college search- can be hard and overwhelming. Everyone wants that perfect “fit,” so imagine the stress when you are trying to hone in on certain school characteristics, like specific majors, religiously affiliated, single sex or even LGBTQ friendly schools. The good news is that there are resources for all of these categories. Today more and more high school and college students are identifying on the LGBTQ spectrum. There are some great college search sites that can help empower, offer resources, and provide support and inclusivity for LGBTQ students. When it ...

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Two Resumes You Should Spend Time on This Summer

Now that summer is approaching, it is a great time to work on your resume. Resumes have become an integral part of senior year planning. Resumes can be used for college and/or scholarship applications or for employment and internships. A resume takes the place of writing on the lines or filling in the blanks on the standard application. It will save you tons of time and save you from constantly re-typing the same information, over and over. There are two types of resumes that you will want to create. An activity resume and a professional resume. An activity resume is ...

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Ending Senior Year With a Strong Finish

It’s May. High schools are in the process of getting ready to end for the school year. There is the senior award ceremony, prom, senior cookout, senior day and graduation practice. This also means that it is exam season. Your exam could be for Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, industry certification or final exams related to particular subjects, tied to a state standardized assessment or both. It is imperative that you try your best and resist the infamous and dreaded senioritis that sets in during the last couple of months of school. Here are some things that need attention before you ...