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Author: Robert Kohen

Robert Kohen is the director of Kohen Educational Services, a test prep firm offering personalized SAT and ACT prep in person and online. In addition to helping students master the SAT and ACT through one-on-one tutoring, Robert publishes free testing advice, lessons and strategies through his website's Test Prep Tips Blog. Robert holds a Ph.D. from Harvard, where he formerly taught.

Posted May 18, 2015, 8 a.m. by Robert Kohen | View Comments
Seven Questions To Ask Before You Hire That SAT or ACT Tutor

With summer fast approaching, this is the time many parents begin to look for an SAT or ACT tutor. If you’re one of those parents, chances are you may have already heard from a friend or teacher about a tutor in your area. Before you sign your child up for tutoring, however, you’ll want to make sure the tutor is worth the investment. Here are seven critical questions that you should ask any SAT or ACT tutor before making the hire: 1. Do you use real test questions? Some tutors and tutoring companies produce all of their teaching materials in-house. ...