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My name is Lana Halavi. I am a 20 year old UCLA graduate with a B.A. in Linguistics and Psychology. I am now in the process of applying to law school.


Jonathan Hulet is a student at Utah Valley University in Orem, UT. He enjoys the mountains, hiking, rock climbing and exploring the world.


Magoosh offers online SAT prep created by SAT experts: over 700 practice questions (each with a video explanation!), over 140 lesson videos covering every concept and strategy you'll need for test day, and a 150-point score increase guarantee.

University of Vermont -profile-picture

University of Vermont

The University of Vermont is home to 9,970 undergraduate students, 1,317 graduate students, 454 medical students, and 1,364 full- and part-time faculty. Located in Burlington, Vermont (named America's #1 College Town in Travel + Leisure), UVM's setting on the shores of Lake Champlain, between the Adirondack and Green mountain ranges, gives a mountaintop perspective of all that's possible – and offers the tools to get you there.


23. Albright College Alum. Professional Reader. Editor. Insomniac Philosopher. Feminist. Pop Culture Junkie. Writer. Dreamer.

The College Board

The College Board is a mission-driven not-for-profit organization that connects students to college success and opportunity.


Mandee Heller Adler is the Founder and CEO of International College Counselors, one of the world’s largest college admission counseling companies, a Certified Educational Planner, and author of From Public School to the Ivy League: How to get into a top school without top dollar resources. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with honors and two degrees before receiving an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Mandee has helped hundreds of students gain acceptance into college.


Matthew Zehr is a Content Publisher at LendEDU.com! LendEDU is a marketplace for student loans and student loan refinance. LendEDU helps borrowers find the best terms and rates available with one application.

Lion's Heart Management Team -profile-picture

Lion's Heart Management Team

“Lion's Heart is a well-run community service group full of people who truly want to help make the world better.” - Tyler C., Arizona State University.

iD Tech

iD Tech has been offering fun and educational summer technology camps for 16 years. Teens can choose from 4 summer programs, and will learn in high-energy courses that provide hands-on experience in coding, app development, programming, electrical engineering, graphic design, robotics, and modding with Minecraft.


Aspiring writer, prominent educator, blogger.


DoSomething.org is one of the largest global orgs for young people and social change. Our 3.6 million members tackle campaigns that impact every cause, from poverty to violence to the environment to literally everything else. Any cause, anytime, anywhere.


For more information on this and other great programs for high school students, go to www.teenlife.com.


Anthony-James Green is world-renowned SAT and ACT tutor with over 10,000 hours of experience teaching these tests, crafting curriculum, and training other tutors to teach their own students. He is also the founder of TestPrepAuthority.com. BusinessInsider calls Anthony “America's top SAT tutor” and CNN recently named Anthony: “The SAT tutor to the 1%” http://www.businessinsider.com/sat-tutor-says-dont-take-the-new-sat-2015-3 http://money.cnn.com/2014/03/14/smallbusiness/sat-tutor/

Sam  Coren-profile-picture

Sam Coren

Sam Coren is the Content Manager for StudentAdvisor.com, a Washington Post education site for college reviews (http://www.studentadvisor.com/reviews) and free resources on all things college. You can read more of her insights about the college search process on the StudentAdvisor blog (http://blog.studentadvisor.com).

Britni de la Cretaz

Britni de la Cretaz is a freelance writer, feminist momma, and recovered alcoholic living in Boston. She's also a founding member of Safe Hub Collective.

Heather  Jack-profile-picture

Heather Jack

Heather Jack has extensive experience in the private as well as the nonprofit sector. She worked in the legal industry until 2002, when after the birth of her daughter, she founded a nonprofit called The Volunteer Family, which helps families, especially those with children, find volunteer opportunities that they can do together. She has been featured in numerous publications such as Family Circle, Parenting Magazine, and the New York Times.

Tennessee Tech Univ. (Sponsored)-profile-picture

Tennessee Tech Univ. (Sponsored)

Tennessee Tech University is a public university located in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Robin  Adams-profile-picture

Robin Adams

Robin Adams is a writer that focuses on charity and third sector. Robin enjoys highlighting the benefits of volunteering to young people who may be looking to gain experience in different fields.

Casey Adams

Casey Adams is the public relations specialist and writer for NOLS. She is Wyoming-born, Duke-educated, a Rocky-Mountain trekker, and a global explorer.

Stacie Allphin

Stacie Allphin is the Director of Adolescent Services at Memorial Hermann’s Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC). She has implemented several new therapeutic activities such as equine therapy and facilitated group drumming, guitar classes and art expressions. She is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and a National Certified Addiction Counselor (NCAC). She has been in the addictions field since 1999.

Arastou Aminzadeh

Dr. Arastou Aminzadeh is a triple board certified physician in psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, and addiction medicine, and is the co-founder of BNI Treatment Centers in Agoura Hills, California. Dr. Aminzadeh is a fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and also a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

Cory  Anderson-profile-picture

Cory Anderson

Cory Anderson is a writer for My School of Architecture. While his work has been featured in numerous areas, his focus is on architecture schools and acceptance. He has assisted guidance counselors and high schools in gaining the information necessary to help students pursue their architecture dreams.

Amy  Anthony-profile-picture

Amy Anthony

Amy Anthony is a journalist now working for the Associated Press in Providence, R.I.

Claire Ashmead-profile-picture

Claire Ashmead

Claire Ashmead is a senior at Princeton University studying history and pursuing certificates in East Asian Studies, Humanistic Studies, and Creative Writing. Prior to her freshman year, Claire participated in Princeton University’s Bridge Year Program in China, volunteering with Yunnan Environmental Development Institute, an organization that monitors and researches water management in Yunnan. Bridge Year is a tuition-free program open to incoming Princeton students.

The Experts at TeenLife

Let the TeenLife experts help you connect with a teen enrichment program at www.teenlife.com.

Cynthia Bahmani-profile-picture

Cynthia Bahmani

Cynthia Bahmani is a Fitness Professional and Pilates Instructor working in the Bay Area, and the proud mother of two teens. She has worked in Dance Medicine for twenty years. Cynthia guest teaches quarterly at UC Berkeley, and most recently, was the Pilates Instructor for the San Francisco Cirque du Soleil cast of AMALUNA.

Matt Bair-profile-picture

Matt Bair

Matt Bair is the director of marketing and communication for Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Prior to joining Indiana Tech, Matt was a sports writer, editor and graphic designer for The News-Sentinel. In 1998, he co-founded Northeast Indiana GameNight, an award-winning high school football magazine of which he was co-editor for 13 years. Matt was also a member of the Lutheran Health Network marketing team for 15 years.

Carol Barash

Carol Barash, PhD, founder and CEO of Story To College and author of Write Out Loud, has taught over 10,000 students around the world–from first-generation college students to the children of bankers and CEOs–how to tell their stories and write essays that win admission and scholarships at selective colleges.

Amy Barnes-profile-picture

Amy Barnes

Amy is a Nashville-based freelance writer who has written articles for a wide range of sites including We Are Teachers, School Leaders Now, Parabola, Romper, Motherly and Forbes. When she’s not writing or editing, she’s navigating the path of having two teenagers.

Stephanie Barron-profile-picture

Stephanie Barron

Stephanie is a freelance writer, tutor, babysitter and aspiring novelist from London living in New York. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2018 with an English major and a creative writing concentration. She loves sharing her passion for writing and literature with young(er) people.

Lisa Rose Bauer

Lisa Rose Bauer has helped students/parents navigate the college journey since 1998. Currently, she manages Student Accessibility Services and is an adjunct faculty member at Roger Williams University, her alma mater (BA in Communications). With two college students of her own, a sophomore and a senior, Lisa traverses higher education personally, as well. Holding an MA in Children’s Literature from Simmons College, she is the author of: Teapots, Buttons, Memi and Me (2014).

Andrea  Bazemore-profile-picture

Andrea Bazemore

Andrea Bazemore is a student at George Mason University. She is studying communications, psychology and journalism. She is also the Editor-in Chief of Positive Energy Group.

Greg Belanger

Gregory Belanger has had a lifelong interest in sailing and maritime history. Over the last decade, he has led numerous initiatives using traditional sailing ships as platforms for innovative education and public diplomacy. These projects include the first transatlantic voyage of the replica slave ship Amistad in 2007-2008. For two years, he served as executive director of Ocean Classrooms, a highly respected Tall Ship education program. In 2015, he helped launch Maine-based Ocean Passages.

Andrew Belasco

Andrew Belasco is CEO of College Transitions LLC, a team of college planning experts committed to guiding families through the college admissions process. In addition to his role as CEO, Andrew is a published higher education researcher and consultant to U.S. Congress, reporting on issues related to college admission and financial aid policy. For more information about Andrew and his team, please visit www.collegetransitions.com

John Bergin

John Bergin is a junior at UMass Amherst. He’s an improv comedian in the longform improv troupe on campus, Toast! and plays bass in the band Calico Blue. Though he’s studying Journalism, French, and Violin Performance, in the future he sees himself working at an instrument shop and doing improv professionally with his friends somewhere in the contiguous United States. Sorry Alaska; it’s nothing personal.

Alice Bergin Vaught-profile-picture

Alice Bergin Vaught

Alice Testing Blog Submit

Evan  Berkowitz-profile-picture

Evan Berkowitz

Evan Berkowitz is a freshman at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park. He is a graduate of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, where he was Managing Editor of the student newspaper, The Forum. He is a regular blogger at TeenLife and contributed to the now-defunct Boston Globe GreenBlog. He is also a staff reporter for the University of Maryland Writers' Bloc, a literary and arts-focused news website.

Zachary Bernstein

Zachary Bernstein is a high school senior at the Dalton School in New York City. He is the founder and President of the High School Leadership Academy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, which provides practical leadership training to high school students focusing on skill development and exposure to business leaders. For more information on the High School Leadership Academy, please visit www.highschoolleadershipacademy.com

Melanie Biles-profile-picture

Melanie Biles

Melanie Biles is a current student at Scripps College who spent her junior year of high school studying abroad with School Year Abroad France. Since SYA, she has enjoyed continuing to pursue French and her love of writing. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Politics/International Relations with a French minor and spends her time outside of class tutoring and working at the Scripps College Press.

Mark Biley-profile-picture

Mark Biley

Don Stoll, who holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Penn State, enjoys the good fortune of living fifty yards from his office in a house on the Idyllwild Arts campus with his wife. Because their four children have grown up, Don and Marianne have time every summer (since 2008) to lead volunteers for their small nonprofit to the same remote Tanzanian village for work alongside its residents on development projects requested by the villagers.

TeenLife Blogger-profile-picture

TeenLife Blogger

TeenLife Blogger is a writer and blogger at TeenLife.

Danielle Bogaty

Danielle Bogaty graduated from Brandeis University and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer. She works with all types of clients, including special needs, older adults, pre- and post-natal women, teens, and those in rehab/physical therapy. She also offers BodyWell Fit University, a virtual coaching program for young women in high school or college.

Denise Bordonaro-profile-picture

Denise Bordonaro

I am the Co-Chair of the Phillips Academy Summer Opportunities Fair sponsored by the Parents' Association. I have 3 boys, the youngest of which is graduating from PA in June.

Mary Bowen

Mary Bowen is a Boston-based freelance writer, film critic, and lifestyle blogger.

Debra Bradley Ruder-profile-picture

Debra Bradley Ruder

Debra Bradley Ruder is a Massachusetts-based freelance writer specializing in healthcare and education issues, as well as a mom of two young men.

Stacey Brook-profile-picture

Stacey Brook

Stacey is a writer, admissions expert and the Founder and Chief Advisor of College Essay Advisors, an education company that offers online courses and in-person college essay advising to students around the world. Stacey has over a decade’s worth of experience and teaches the Supplemental Essay Writing course at nytEducation: The School of The New York Times. She has helped over 1,000 students build lifelong writing skills while crafting compelling and effective admissions essays.

Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks is a Houston based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to brooks.sarah23 @ gmail.com.

Brian Buntz-profile-picture

Brian Buntz

Natalie Olin graduated from University of Santa Barbara California this past June, with a degree in Communications. She is currently working for the Young Dreamer Network as the marketing coordinator. The Young Dreamer Network aims to empower today’s youth to facilitate positive change through volunteer travel.

Joseph Burke-profile-picture

Joseph Burke

Joe Burke is a high school student with a passion for writing and filmmaking. He hopes to one day pursue a career in the movie industry.

Sarah Burrows-profile-picture

Sarah Burrows

Sarah Burrows, M.S., is Assistant Professor of Communication and Director of Internship Program at Lasell College in Newton, MA.

Sarah  Buttenwieser-profile-picture

Sarah Buttenwieser

Sarah Buttenwieser is a contributing writer for TeenLife and Life With Teens magazine.

Lauren Byrd

Lauren Byrd is a contributing writer and media specialist for Mavis Discount Tire. She regularly produces content for a variety of lifestyle and automotive blogs, based around auto service tips, driver safety tips, and more.

Joshua Caleb Collins

Josh is a serial entrepreneur and, over the past 10 years, has worked with global nonprofits helping young entrepreneurs take action and create impact. Prior to starting Catapult, he was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Ashoka’s Youth Venture, a global organization that promotes youth -initiated positive change. Josh earned his bachelor’s degree from Westmont College where he graduated cum laude in economics and business; communication studies; and social science.

Amanda Callahan

Amanda Callahan grew up in North Texas, where she was a proud member of the Texas chapter of International Thespian Society at McKinney High School. She received her BFA with honors from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in Dramatic Art: Acting. She lives in New York City, works at the Neighborhood Playhouse, and is pursuing a career in arts administration and acting. 

Roberta  Cannon-profile-picture

Roberta Cannon

Roberta Cannon began her writing career as a general assignments reporter for a Cape Cod weekly newspaper. Even while working as a registered nurse, she continued to freelance and write for Cape Cod weeklies, including a column on history for the Mashpee Enterprise. She has also written for MD News and PrimeTime magazines. She currently writes for OneCapeHealth News, an online medical news website.

Test Case-profile-picture

Test Case

This is a test/do not use

Gayle Chaky

Gayle Chaky is a College Transitions Coach at Knowledge of the Heart Life Coaching helping students and families transition to college successfully. Before becoming a coach, Gayle spent over 13 years in higher education as an accounting professor. During that time, she not only enjoyed her role as a teacher but also her role as a mentor and advisor to students. She enjoys spending time outdoors and visiting her two sons in college.

Caroline Chang

Originally from Chicago, Caroline made a home in sunny California to attend Occidental College, where she earned a B.A. in Psychology. As an undergraduate, this accomplished student-athlete swam competitively all four years for the Division III Tigers and completed multiple internships during her tenure. Caroline assists the marketing team in business development efforts as well as helping to maintain and grow ArborBridge’s presence online.

Amanda Chaulk-profile-picture

Amanda Chaulk

Amanda Chaulk is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Vermont Tech. She and her husband, Andrew, live in Vermont with their two sons, Daniel and William. Amanda predicts Daniel will be ready to leave high school early and enroll in the VAST program to help achieve his goal of becoming a marine engineer.

John Cho-profile-picture

John Cho

John Cho is a recent graduate of Amherst College. Upon graduating, John entered the world of education as a resident tutor/teacher in the Match Teacher Residency in Boston, MA. He now teaches GRE test preparation through Manhattan Prep and lives in Boston with his wife, who is also a teacher. Needless to say, the two spend all their days debating best teacher practices and ed policy.

Gianna Cifredo

Gianna Cifredo is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, where she majored in philosophy. She has six years of test prep experience and is a content writer for CollegeVine.

Filippo Cipriani-profile-picture

Filippo Cipriani

Filippo Cipriani is the founder and CEO of the Eversoul Institute. The Eversoul Institute promotes interdisciplinary thinking and curiosity through summer courses, symposiums, and small forums featuring authors, topic experts and intellectuals. They will be hosting the Eversoul Institute Academic High School Summer Program on Creativity held at Columbia University this July. More information is available at www.eversoulinstitute.com.

Amy Cody-profile-picture

Amy Cody

Amy Cody is the Parent Education Manager at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

Courtney Coelho

Courtney Coelho is a writer and content developer for Brown University Pre-College Programs.

Courtney Coelho

Courtney Coelho is a writer and content developer for Pre-College Programs in Brown's School for Professional Studies.

Marketing Contact

As the Chief Marketing Officer, Alex is in charge of building awareness around the ApplyKit brand, acquiring new users, and managing the ApplyKit community. Alex's background as a Teach For America alum inspired him to join the ApplyKit team in order to disrupt the college application space and make higher education more accessible to all students and their families. When not ApplyKitting, Alex hangs out with his dog and thinks about ApplyKit.

Main Contact

A professional summer planner, youth expert, and parent consultant for nearly 20 years, Jill Tipograph has researched over two-thousand camps and programs, helping families worldwide plan the “right” summer. Her unique Everything Summer® evaluation process is focused on safety, well-being, family values, and “personality fit” between kids and camps.

Main Contact

Robin Pendoley is the founder of Thinking Beyond Borders. Robin’s blog posts on education and social change have been featured on Forbes, Ashoka, and Innovation Excellence.

Eliza Cope-profile-picture

Eliza Cope

Eliza Cope is a 2012 graduate of UNH, where she studied Spanish, writing and environmental conservation. She recently moved back to the US after a year living and working in Canada, and is pursuing a career in elementary education.

Marshall Corey

Marshall Corey is the College Buddha. He has over 30 years of experience in business and education. His passion is guiding students and parents through the college admissions and financial aid process with the goal of preparing the best possible application (including essays), and finding the "right" school for the student to spend 4 years. All with a little zen.  He is a proud associate member of the IECA.

Cate Coulacos Prato-profile-picture

Cate Coulacos Prato

Cate Coulacos Prato is a Boston-based writer and content marketing specialist.

Carolyn Crabtree-profile-picture

Carolyn Crabtree

Carolynn Crabtree is the President and Cofounder of Cornerstone Reputation, an educational company specializing in personalized tools that help students gauge how their online footprints are perceived by admissions officers. She graduated from Princeton University in 2006 and has continued to give alumni interviews.

Linda Craig-profile-picture

Linda Craig

Linda Craig is a professional writer and editor. Here hobby is intertwined with career. Linda is engaged in creative writing for http://www.assignmentmasters.co.uk.

Sharon Crosby

Sharon Crosby is a young writer and language arts tutor. She works as a blog editor, writing expert and tutor at Essaymama writing service.

Barbara Davidson-profile-picture

Barbara Davidson

Barbara Davidson oversees the PreCollege, Public Education, and Young Artist programs at San Francisco Art Institute. Founded in 1871, SFAI boasts an illustrious list of faculty and alumni in all areas of focus. Most importantly, SFAI has consistently held fast to a core philosophy of fostering creativity and critical thinking in an open, experimental, and interdisciplinary environment. SFAI educates artists who will become the creative leaders of their generation.

Katherine  Dayton-profile-picture

Katherine Dayton

Katherine Dayton is Executive Director of VISIONS Service Adventures. For twenty-five years, VISIONS has run summer community service for teens and middle school students in international and domestic locations.

Katherine Dayton

Katherine Dayton is Executive Director of VISIONS Service Adventures. For twenty-five years, VISIONS has run summer community service for teens and middle school students in international and domestic locations.

Rachel Devaney-profile-picture

Rachel Devaney

Rachael Devaney is a free-lance writer and reporter who lives on Cape Cod.

Alexandra Dewey-profile-picture

Alexandra Dewey

Sharon Crosby is a young writer and language arts tutor. She works as a blog editor, writing expert and tutor at Essaymama writing service.

Chelsea Diehl

Chelsea Diehl is a social contributor for Acceptd and the founder of My College Audition.

Grace Douvos-profile-picture

Grace Douvos

I'm from the Bay Area in California. I recently graduated from Tabor Academy, a boarding high school in Massachusetts, and will be continuing to study international relations at the George Washington University for college. My passions include service, playing and listening to music, and traveling.

Johnny Duda

Dr. Johnny Duda is a 20-year veteran in education, and founder of Vault Prep, the premier tutoring, test prep, and college counseling company in Los Angeles. Dr. Duda graduated from Harvard University in 1999 and received his doctorate in Education Leadership from UCLA in 2011. Dr. Duda founded Vault Prep to give students and families a "one-stop-shop" for navigating the challenges of middle school, high school, and college with confidence and ease.

Chaya Ellenbogen-profile-picture

Chaya Ellenbogen

For more information on this and other high school summer programs, go to www. teenlife.com.

Nicole Ellis

Lisa Steffans work with Concordia Language Villages.

Dana Elmore

Dana Elmore is a contributing writer for UniversityTutor.com, the world's largest global marketplace for finding independent tutors.

Scott Fallon-profile-picture

Scott Fallon

Scott is a senior at Dover-Sherborn High School and looking forward to starting the college application process. He is an intern and an occasional blogger here at TeenLife.

Ginger Fay

Ginger Fay has over 20 years of experience in college admissions and college counseling. She holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Liberal Studies from Duke University. In addition to her own work as an Independent Educational Consultant, Ginger teaches for the University of California at Irvine’s Certificate in Educational Consulting.

Stewart Fetzko -profile-picture

Stewart Fetzko

Stewart Fetzko attends Orinda Intermediate School in Orinda, Calif. His passions include the East Bay Debate League, rowing with the Oakland Stokes Crew team, and surfing.

Gwyneth Findlay-profile-picture

Gwyneth Findlay

Gwyneth Findlay is a third-year writing major at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She edits and writes with the college during the day and dedicates her evenings to books, jogging and Twitter networking.

Nancy Franks

Erin McCormick runs Middlebury Interactive Language’s marketing team, where her passions for world languages, technology, writing and design collide.

Stephen  Friedfeld-profile-picture

Stephen Friedfeld

Stephen Friedfeld is the co-founder of EqualApp. Stephen was an Assistant Dean of Admissions at Cornell University for four years and an Associate Dean at Princeton University for six years. He also worked as an independent college consultant for four years.

Emily Frisella

Emily Frisella is a freelance writer, editor and educational consultant. While studying history and English at Wellesley College and the University of Oxford, Emily volunteered with MIT’s Education Studies Program and co-founded The Oxford Writing Project. More recently, she has worked as a tutor-counselor at Northfield Mount Hermon’s Upward Bound Summer Program and as a senior educational consultant at Apolish. In her spare time, she blogs at www.untimelycriticism.com.

Sheila Frye-profile-picture

Sheila Frye

Sheila Frye is a freelance blogger who is currently taking up Liberal Arts in college and loves collecting fashion accessories and bear stuffed toys. She has a cat named Nina and loves going to the beach during summer to just relax and appreciate nature.

Monica Fuglei-profile-picture

Monica Fuglei

Monica Fuglei is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, Omaha and an English faculty member of Arapahoe Community College in Colorado, where she teaches composition and creative writing. She also writes education-related content for Concordia college and the Hotchalk LessonPlansPage.

Lauren Gaggioli

Lauren Gaggioli is a Number 2 Pencil Nerd. (At least, that's what her dad nicknamed her in high school because she actually enjoyed taking tests.) After 8 years working as a private test prep tutor, Lauren founded Higher Scores Test Prep, an online SAT & ACT prep company. She is also the host of The College Checklist Podcast, a weekly podcast about all things college admissions. Lauren continues to take the SAT & ACT today and enjoys the experience just as much as she did in high school!

Joani Geltman, MSW-profile-picture

Joani Geltman, MSW

Joani Geltman, MSW is a leading parenting expert, with four decades of experience in working with youth, including as a psychology professor, school counselor and social worker, a family therapist, and a parenting coach. She is the author of A Survival Guide to Parenting Teens: Talking to Your Kids about Sexting, Drinking, Drugs, and Other Things That Freak You Out. She holds a Masters in social work from Washington University and has been quoted or published in Psychology Today and more.

Nate Giess-profile-picture

Nate Giess

Nate Giess recently graduated from Wellesley High School. This fall he will attend Emory University, where he hopes to study business administration.

Amy Goldin

Amy Goldin is an independent performing arts college counselor at COPA, Inc.: College Options in the Performing Arts. Her background includes teaching, performing, composing, directing, and conducting. Amy holds degrees from NYU and Queens College/CUNY, the UCLA Certificate in College Admission Counseling, and memberships in NAfME, NYSSMA, NACAC, NYSACAC, and HECA. Amy co-leads the NACAC Performing Arts Special Interest Group and regularly hosts workshops in Careers and the Arts.

Emily Loring Good-profile-picture

Emily Loring Good

Emily Good is a Boston-based writer with an interest in gender, pop culture, and travel. She studied English literature and gender studies at Northeastern University. She currently works at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and as a freelancer.

Sarah Good-profile-picture

Sarah Good

Sarah Good is a journalist who has covered everything from small town elections to international financial fraud. She is also private tutor with more than 10 years experience unraveling the mysteries of standardized tests and college applications.

Mary Grauerholz-profile-picture

Mary Grauerholz

Mary Grauerholz is a freelance feature writer who focuses on sustainability, education, health, and architecture. Grauerholz has won many awards for project management, editing, writing, and community service. She has written for a variety of magazines, newspapers, and websites, including The Boston Globe, New Old House, OneCape Health News, and Spirituality & Health, and is a regular contributor to Teenlife.com. She lives on Cape Cod.

Stephen Gray Wallace

Stephen Gray Wallace is president and director of the Center for Adolescent Research and Education (CARE), a collaborative committed to increasing positive youth outcomes and reducing negative-risk behaviors. He has broad experience as a school psychologist, adolescent/family counselor and college professor. He is director of counseling and counselor training at Cape Cod Sea Camps and a member of the professional development faculty at the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Anthony-James Green

Anthony-James Green is SAT and ACT tutor with more than 10,000 hours of experience teaching the tests, crafting curriculum, and training other tutors to teach their own students. He is the founder of GreenTestPrep.com.

Jill Greenbaum-profile-picture

Jill Greenbaum

Dr. Jill Greenbaum is an innovator in coaching teens and parents during the college search, using a strengths-based approach with teens to help them understand themselves, meet challenges, and learn to manage-and even enjoy-parts of this process. Her visual coaching style encourages self awareness, enhances self esteem, reduces distress, facilitates growth and goal achievement, and it sets Jill apart from her colleagues.

Hannah Grieco

Hannah Grieco is an education and disability advocate, writer, and parent to an autistic child. She can be found at www.hgrieco.com or on Twitter at @writesloud.

Chanté Griffin

Chanté Griffin is a Los Angeles-based writer and entertainer. She attended Pomona College and Spelman College, where she studied how TV, film and other media construct and intersect with race, culture and gender. She's written for EBONY, The Root, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Magazine and Daily Actor. She blogs at Beneath the Surface and created YouTube's "Black History Firsts Gone Wrong."

Karl Haigler-profile-picture

Karl Haigler

Karl is a gap-year parent, author, and researcher. He is co-author of The Gap-Year Advantage: Helping Your Child Benefit from Time off Before or During College (co-author Rae Nelson) and Gap Year, American Style: Journeys Toward Learning, Serving, and Self-Discovery.

Tyler Hakes

Tyler Hakes is the Director of Marketing at College Raptor, a free online platform that helps students discover colleges based on academic, cultural, and financial fit. He's passionate about promoting education and college access.

Justine Harrington

Justine Harrington serves as the Admissions Director for SPI Study Abroad, a leading provider of summer language immersion programs for high school students. From her very first time abroad (a life-changing trip to Argentina when she was 16), Justine was incited to learn as much she could about the world and its cultures. This passion for travel and global learning soon led to her participation in multiple study and volunteer abroad experiences.

Peter Hawley

Peter Hawley is the Academic Dean at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy. An accredited institution located in the heart of downtown Chicago, Tribeca Flashpoint Academy is one of the digital media industry's most well-known and respected digital media arts colleges, providing hands-on bachelor’s and associate degree programs in high-tech industries including film and broadcast, recording arts, design and visual communications, animation and visual effects, digital marketing, and more.

Lion's Heart-profile-picture

Lion's Heart

Lion’s Heart Mission Statement: Lion’s Heart inspires and empowers teens to serve their local community by leading and volunteering, while providing avenues to ignite their passion for service. LionsHeartService.org

Reese  Hendricks-profile-picture

Reese Hendricks

Reese is a husband and father of three kids. He has over 14 years of experience working with parents and their high-schoolers at a nationally ranked top 100 public school in Connecticut, a private international school in South Korea, and a nationally ranked top 500 public school in Iowa. He has a wide and varied breadth of experience in the field of education, in-depth knowledge; an expert consultant, counselor, educator, and accomplished writer.

Rosa Heyman-profile-picture

Rosa Heyman

Rosa Heyman graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and now works at PEOPLE magazine in in New York City.

Jasmine Heyward-profile-picture

Jasmine Heyward

Jasmine is a recent graduate from journalism school, writing this post a few days after she received her bachelor’s degree at Northeastern. Now, she is sharing her love for journalism and youth development at Teens in Print, Boston’s nonprofit-run citywide high school newspaper.

Stephanie Hicks

Steph Hicks, Lion’s Heart Digital Marketing Director. She has two teenagers and two furry mutts and loves to read, paint and volunteer.

Bill Higgins-profile-picture

Bill Higgins

Bill Higgins, longtime sports editor at the Cape Cod Times in Hyannis, Mass., has been writing and editing about men's and women's sports for more than 35 years. He has a son and a daughter and was a youth sports league coach.

Laurie Higgins-profile-picture

Laurie Higgins

Laurie Higgins is a freelance writer with a focus on food, health, gardening, photography, books, theater, Cape Cod and anything else that captures her interest.

Alexander Muss High School in Israel

Founded in 1972, Alexander Muss High School in Israel is a study abroad program for high school students during their sophomore, junior, or senior years.

Casey Hoke-profile-picture

Casey Hoke

Casey Hoke is an artist and activist from Louisville, Ky. He gives workshops on LGBTQ+ art history and identity, works with GLSEN as a National Student Council member, and is a Point Foundation scholar. Casey currently attends the California State Polytechnic Institute of Pomona for landscape architecture and hopes to work for Walt Disney Imagineering in park design.

Marybeth Holley-profile-picture

Marybeth Holley

Marybeth Holley is an English teacher in Orlando, Fla., who specializes in essay composition. For the last six years, her essay revisions have helped students get into top schools and earn competitive scholarships. In addition to helping college-hopefuls succeed, she also enjoys fiction writing, and recently penned her first young adult novel.

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Cara Imperato

Cara Imperato is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia who's written for lifestyle and personal development sites including SeniorAdvice.com, Career Bloom, and Technology for Mindfulness. Cara enjoys guiding and educating readers through life transitions and big decisions.

Tracy Jackson, PhD

Dr. Tracy Jackson has been a school counselor since 1997 with experience at the elementary, middle & high school levels. She earned her PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision from Old Dominion University where she is an adjunct professor. As Coordinator of Guidance Services for Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Tracy oversees the comprehensive school counseling programs for 85 schools & works with over 170 school counselors. Her blog provides resources & information to school counselors.

Ashley Jacobs-profile-picture

Ashley Jacobs

Ashley Jacobs is Director of Operations for the International Bipolar Foundation, www.ibpf.org. She is a member of the committee that reviews essay contest entries.

Michael Jacobus

Michael Jacobus is an internationally recognized author, child-development specialist and camp professional. He has an extensive background in youth- serving nonprofits, staff training, operations, administration and outdoor education. In the summer of 2018, Michael created the world's first clinical summer camp program for teens and adolescents suffering from unhealthy screen-time and social-media overuse habits and gaming addiction.

Nicolaus Jannasch

Are you curious about earning money while traveling? If you want to connect with Nico, ask questions, and learn more about his experience you can find his latest blog posts at NicoJannasch.com, say hello on Twitter, or ‘Like’ his Facebook page

Matthew Jaskol

Matthew Jaskol is director of Academic Programs at Pioneer Academics. He founded Pioneer Academics in 2013 with the intent of offering deep, intellectual exploration opportunities to outstanding young people of geographic and cultural diversity. He believes that passionate young scholars can reach remarkable heights through intelligence, imagination, and determination.

Amy Jeffrey

Amy Jeffrey is the founder of Make Me a Freshman, a free website that allows you apply to college. Simply choose your colleges, and the website generates a checklist with all of your specific requirements and deadlines for applying to college and for financial aid.

Heather Jensen-profile-picture

Heather Jensen

Heather Jensen is an Audiologist and Clinical Assistant Professor for Utah state University. She received her Doctorate of Audiology from Arizona School of Health Sciences in 2004. She has been an adviser for the student academy of audiology organization at USU for 11 years. Before coming to USU, she owned her own private practice, but decided she wanted to give back to the field of audiology by teaching students. When she's not working she spends time with her four children.

Chandra Joos deKoven-profile-picture

Chandra Joos deKoven

Chandra Joos deKoven is director of admission at Bard College at Simon’s Rock in Great Barrington, Mass.

Fred Joseph

I DRIVE SAFELY is the #1 online driver’s education provider in the U.S. We have been educating teens for over 15 years and have graduated thousands of safe drivers across the country. With more state-approvals than any other provider, our expertly-designed courses offer busy students the chance to learn the rules of the road in a convenient and entertaining format.

Rebecca Joseph-profile-picture

Rebecca Joseph

Dr. Joseph is a college access and admissions expert. A tenured professor at a public university, she believes that all students should have the option of a college education and does everything she can to help students, communities, and schools empower their students to make it to and through college.

Christina June

Christina June has been a school counselor for 15 years including a decade working with high-achieving high school students. When she’s not at school, she writes young adult contemporary fiction. She lives in Virginia with her husband and daughter. Her debut novel, “It Started With Goodbye,” was released in 2017, and a companion, “Everywhere You Want To Be,” will be available in 2018.

Danny Kalman

Danny Kalman, founder of the online language school, languagebird.com, speaks English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Japanese, has lived in 4 countries and has traveled to over 20. Danny taught English full-time for 16 months with Japan's largest private English conversation school and has learned languages in every type of program. In his free time, Danny is an avid salsa dancer, competitor & performer.

Armi Kauppila-profile-picture

Armi Kauppila

Armi Kauppila is one of Global Citizen Year's 2016 Senegal Fellows. She loves to learn about different cultures and languages. She's Finnish but not finished with adventures!

Victoria Kempf

Victoria Kempf, RN is a passionate internet safety expert, co-founder and COO of ScreenRetriever, a children’s internet safety monitoring product that gives parents complete visibility of all of their children’s computer activity with their children's knowledge so that parents can teach safe, appropriate online behavior.

Kay Keough-profile-picture

Kay Keough

Kay Keough is a freelance writer, editor and designer based in Sandwich, Mass. She covers arts and entertainment and community news in the Cape Cod area, designs information graphics for data-driven stories and copy-edits a variety of publications. She is a technology enthusiast with several years of experience as a tech journalist and in her spare time is an improviser, painter, baker and candlestick maker. She can be reached at k_keough@yahoo.com.

Melissa Kersjes-profile-picture

Melissa Kersjes

Fusion Academy's educational approach is one-to-one and is completely customized to ignite a student’s passion for learning. Classes are self-paced, and course material is presented in ways that suit students’ individual interests, strengths and challenges.

David Kim-profile-picture

David Kim

David Kim is CEO of C2 Education, David has risen to the challenge of providing quality education in after-school programs for test prep and tutoring students in grades K-12. Starting the business with co-founder Jim Narangajavana out of their Harvard dorm room in 1997, David expanded C2 Education from just one center in 2000 to over 170 centers today. C2 Education is now the fastest growing test prep company in the nation serving over 10,000 students and their families each week.

Karin Klein-profile-picture

Karin Klein

Karin Klein is a freelance writer based in Southern California whose work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, Atlas Obscura, YES! magazine and many other publications. She is thrilled to have gotten her three kids through college without any debt.

Stephanie Klein Wassink

Stephanie Klein Wassink is the founder of Winning Applications and AdmissionsCheckup.com. She has 15 years experience in college consulting and holds a B.A. from Brown University and an M.B.A. from University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. She is a member of IECA and NACAC.

Ethan Knight

Ethan Knight is the founder of the American Gap Association (AGA).

Robert Kohen

Robert Kohen is the director of Kohen Educational Services, a test prep firm offering personalized SAT and ACT prep in person and online. In addition to helping students master the SAT and ACT through one-on-one tutoring, Robert publishes free testing advice, lessons and strategies through his website's Test Prep Tips Blog. Robert holds a Ph.D. from Harvard, where he formerly taught.

Laurie Kopp Weingarten, CEP

President of One-Stop College Counseling, located in NJ, but serving students worldwide. She graduated from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and received an MBA from Harvard Business School. Laurie is a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and numerous other organizations. She is passionate about helping students reach their full potential; there’s nothing more rewarding than their excitement upon acceptance to their top-choice schools!

Laurie Kopp Weingarten, CEP

President of One-Stop College Counseling, located in NJ, but serving students worldwide. She graduated from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and received an MBA from Harvard Business School. Laurie is a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and numerous other organizations. She is passionate about helping students reach their full potential; there’s nothing more rewarding than their excitement upon acceptance to their top-choice schools!

Karyn Koven, Ed.D-profile-picture

Karyn Koven, Ed.D

Dr. Karyn Koven is the founder of LanguageBird.com, online high school Spanish courses and a co-founder of HighTech Los Angeles, a college-prep school ranked the No. 1 charter high school in California. As Director of College Counseling, Internships and Community Outreach, Dr. Koven has visited over 90 colleges domestically and internationally and helped thousands of students find college, summer, gap year and internship programs. She coordinates the school’s internship course and volunteer ment

Aimée La Fountain-profile-picture

Aimée La Fountain

Aimée La Fountain is a Greater New York-based writer and nonprofit marketing strategist. She currently serves as an arts columnist for Gannett and specializes in features and editorials. In her spare time, you'll find Aimée volunteering, traveling, or in the midst of her latest DIY project. Outlets where her writing has appeared include The New York Times, The Washington Post, Patch, School Leaders Now, and Bored Teachers.

Anne  Laurie-profile-picture

Anne Laurie

Anne Laurie is a frequent contributor for gonannies.com. She loves writing articles on teen behavior. You can get in touch with her at annelaurie50@gmail.com.

Julia Levine Rogers-profile-picture

Julia Levine Rogers

Julia Rogers is a professional gap year adviser based in Stowe, Vermont, and founder of EnRoute Consulting. Rogers works to engage young Americans across the country in service work, experiential education and travel as a way of learning about themselves and the world around them. In addition to private consultations, Rogers enthusiastically advocates for the popularization of the gap year through public talks, visits to high schools and networking with guidance counselors.

Kristen Licciardi-profile-picture

Kristen Licciardi

Kristen Licciardi is a freelance writer living in New Jersey and a mother of three boys. She started her career in the editorial department of Glamour and spent many years in marketing positions at magazines including Redbook, U.S. News &World Report and Time. She made the leap into the digital world, working most recently at Slate and Washington Post Digital.

Rowena Lindsay-profile-picture

Rowena Lindsay

Rowena Lindsay is a third year journalism student at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. She has interned at The Christian Science Monitor and also served as the Arts & Entertainment editor for The Huntington News – Northeastern’s student newspaper.

Dan Lipford

Dan Lipford is an educational consultant, master tutor, teacher, and Director of Special Projects for Judi Robinovitz Associates Educational Consulting and Score At The Top Learning Centers & Schools. He loves learning, empowering students, writing educational material and blogs, and reading almost everything. His poetry has appeared in multiple small press journals. He has a master’s degree speech-language pathology and lives with his wife, Barbara, and their Cairn puppy, Ash.

Sarah Lundrum

Sarah Landrum is a freelance writer and career blogger. She is also the founder of Punched Clocks, a career site for young professionals. Catch her on social media and subscribe to her blog, for more great tips. You can find her tweeting @SarahLandrum

Monica Matthews

Monica Matthews is the author of "How to Win College Scholarships." She helped her son win over $100,000 in scholarships and shares her expertise with other parents and their students. She truly has “been there, done that" in regards to helping families navigate the scholarship process. Ms. Matthews' step-by-step scholarship guide has taught desperate parents to help their own students win thousands of scholarship dollars. Find her scholarship blog and winning tips at how2winscholarships.com.

Randi Mazzella-profile-picture

Randi Mazzella

Randi Mazzella is a freelance writer and mother of three from New Jersey. She is a Contributing Editor for Raising Teens Magazine and writes monthly for the blog Barista Kids.

Jenny Mazzella-profile-picture

Jenny Mazzella

Jenny Mazzella is a junior at Millburn High School. She is really not looking forward to starting the whole college process but happy to share her experience with readers along the way. She will blogging throughout her junior and senior year.

Lindsay  McAuliffe-profile-picture

Lindsay McAuliffe

Lindsay McAuliffe is a senior Theater Major at Walnut Hill School for the Arts. She is looking forward to beginning the college application process. While in college, she hopes to major in Theater with an emphasis in Musical Theater, and study Renaissance History and English Literature. Lindsay is working at TeenLife for the summer updating the Community Service Organization listings and occasionally blogging for the website.

Capt. Tom McClelland U.S. Navy (Ret.)

After serving over 30 years a naval aviator, Capt. McClelland joined Admiral Farragut Academy in 1998 and served as the Director of Naval Science for 17 years. Today he is a Development Officer and continues to help cadets earn their service academy appointments and ROTC scholarships.

Zachary Mccollum-profile-picture

Zachary Mccollum

Hello! I'm a senior at the College of Communication at Boston University studying journalism with an arts focus in history. I'm from Glen Rock, New Jersey, right outside of Manhattan, NYC. I have interned at an array of different media companies including Smithsonian Media, WGBH News, and SiriusXM. My greatest passion is music. I've been drumming for about 10 years and currently play in a touring band called Devon Goods.

Erin McCormick

Erin McCormick runs Middlebury Interactive Language’s marketing team, where her passions for world languages, technology, writing and design collide.

Moira McCullough

Moira McCullough, Founder of College Scoops, worked in high tech sales and consulting while obtaining her MBA from Columbia Business School. She has lived in NYC, London, Paris and Summit, NJ while raising three children always taking the time to explore local neighborhoods to find the best places to eat along the way. Moira is looking forward to tagging along with her youngest son on his college visits this fall.

Cyndy McDonald-profile-picture

Cyndy McDonald

Cyndy McDonald, founder and president of GuidedPath Edge, a college planning tool. Use GuidedPath Edge to navigate the complex college planning process.

Andrew McKernan

Andy McKernan writes about how high school students can find the right college fit. Connect with Andy and Aaron Sorenson to ask questions or learn more about how you can play your sport in college.

Amanda Monfrooe

Amanda Monfrooe is the International Marketing and Recruitment Manager at Norwich University of the Arts. She meets prospective students all over the world to discuss how they can turn their passion into a professional career. Originally from the US, Amanda has lived in the UK since completing her graduate studies in 2009.

Sonja Montiel

Sonja Montiel has served more than 20 years in the college admissions profession, having extensive experience with freshman, transfer and international admissions. Sonja founded College Confidence in 2002 with a philosophy that college planning must be driven by the student through reflection, transparency and accountability to the process. Her students attend and thrive at the finest colleges and universities in the nation.

Brett Montrose

Brett is an ed-tech enthusiast and writer. He’s passionate about startups, hockey, politics, and outer space.

Tracy Morgan-profile-picture

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan is a freelance writer living in Hjärup, Sweden. The proud mum of two amazing boys, Tracy loves baking and when pushed, admits to a weakness for reality shows.

Robert Morris-profile-picture

Robert Morris

Robert Morris is an online tutor. He loves writing lifehacks for students. Now he is developing his online course.

Robert Morris-profile-picture

Robert Morris

Robert Morris is a freelance writer from NYC. He is currently working on his first YA novel.

Stacie Nevadomski Berdan

Stacie Nevadomski Berdan is a seasoned global executive and a best-selling and award-winning author on how to succeed in the global marketplace. She has served as strategist, coach and counselor to CEOs, politicians and executives around the world having worked in more than 50 countries. She has authored six books on the intersection of globalization and careers, and she advises young adults on college and careers.

Stacie Nevadomski Berdan

Stacie Nevadomski Berdan is a seasoned global executive and a best-selling and award-winning author on how to succeed in the global marketplace. She has served as strategist, coach and counselor to CEOs, politicians and executives around the world having worked in more than 50 countries. She has authored six books on the intersection of globalization and careers, and she advises young adults on college and careers.

Sara Nolan

Educator, writer, and college essay coach, Sara Nolan loves that she now hears on national news what she’s seen for decades: that teens aren’t taking any BS, and that they have something to say. Based in Brooklyn, N.Y., she teaches teens to write personal essays for college admissions and beyond (and feel good in the process) through Essay Intensive: Write the Essay of Your Life.

Bill O'Neill-profile-picture

Bill O'Neill

Bill O’Neill graduated from Harvard College with a degree in economics and he’s been working with words ever since. He’s been a Lifestyle department editor at a daily newspaper and wrote PR and fundraising materials for nonprofits focused on affordable housing and animal welfare. As a freelance writer, he focuses on stories about family life, health and pop culture. Bill lives on Cape Cod, where he enjoys biking, hiking and kayaking.

Neal Olderman-profile-picture

Neal Olderman

Neal Olderman is with the University of Connecticut’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. He is responsible for the direction of a variety of educational programs and academic partnerships, including the Pre-College Summer at UConn a non-credit academic experience for rising high school juniors and seniors.

William Page-profile-picture

William Page

The Pre-College Summer is offered by UConn’s Early College Experience department, which received the 2013 Provost's Award for Excellence in Public Engagement. The University of Connecticut is rated one of the top public universities in New England and ranks number 19 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

Jason Patel

Jason Patel is the founder of Transizion, a college admissions assistance and mentorship company. Transizion donates a portion of profits to low-income students in need of college and career assistance. Jason has been featured in the Washington Post, NBC News, BBC, Bustle, Forbes, Fast Company, Fox Business, Reader’s Digest, and a number of other outlets.

James Paterson-profile-picture

James Paterson

Jim Paterson is a writer and editor who specializes in issues related to education and counseling. He has written for the Washington Post, USA Today Weekend, Parent Magazine, Baltimore Magazine, Counseling Today and a variety of other publications. He has also been a school counselor for the past eight years and last year was named “Counselor of the Year” in Montgomery County, Md., just outside Washington, DC.

Dr. Iris Perry

Dr. Iris Perry has performed to high acclaim as a piano recitalist, chamber musician, vocal accompanist, and soloist with orchestras throughout Austria, Holland, Romania, former Soviet Republics and the United States. Dr. Perry is currently a professor at Bergen Community College and William Paterson University, where she is also the Director of Music Admissions (www.wpunj.edu/music) and Executive Director of the William Paterson Academy of Music (WPAM).

Jeff  Peters-profile-picture

Jeff Peters

Jeff is an experienced writer holding a Master degree in Literature, who is now contributing to various college writing platforms, including SolidEssay.com.

Mark Plummer-profile-picture

Mark Plummer

Mark is a science writer teacher and tutor of over 8 years experience and currently lives in the UK. Before teaching Mark worked in the charity / not for profit sector as a fund raiser, administrator and communications assistant.

Emily Popek

Emily F. Popek is a freelance writer and communications specialist serving K-12 school districts in upstate New York. She is the author of three nonfiction books for young readers.

Andrew Potter

Andrew H. Potter is the Chief Academic Officer at Envision, one of the nation’s leading college and career-readiness organizations. In this role, he directs the organization’s academic strategy and oversees the development of faculty, curriculum, methods and pedagogy that annually enable students to find their passion, try out a career, and build a pathway to get there.

Quiana Querisma-profile-picture

Quiana Querisma

Quiana Querisma is from Dallas, Texas, and is a student at the University of North Texas studying interior design. Her interests include reading, painting, and dancing.

Anna Ren

Anna Ren is on a mission to make applying for college as transparent and stress-free as possible for families through her holistic approach towards college admissions consulting. Anna is the Founder of Elite Advantage Prep and the affordable online college planning course, Prep for Success. Sign up to receive instant access to her free college planning mini-course “Prep for Success: College Planning for Teens.

StJude Retreats-profile-picture

StJude Retreats

The following is a guest post by Saint Jude Retreats, an alternative to traditional substance use treatment. Saint Jude Retreats provides a program for people with substance use problems that concentrates on self-directed positive and permanent change. Through the program, we offer the opportunity for individuals to self-evaluate and explore avenues for life enhancement.

Mary Ann Riel-profile-picture

Mary Ann Riel

Mary Ann Riel is an Acting Coach and the Artistic Director of A Midsummer’s Dreaming Theatre Company. The theatre company conducts challenging, dynamic summer programs, including an Acting Boot Camp geared toward college audition preparation. She can be contacted for an interview at 973-746-8686.

Vicki Ritterband-profile-picture

Vicki Ritterband

Vicki Ritterband is a freelance writer in Boston who writes frequently about healthcare and parenting issues. When she's not working, she's reading, doing yoga or telling her two teenagers to get off their smart phones.

Shaun Royer

A renowned performer, teacher, director and choreographer, he has appeared in The Tap Dance Kid with Alfonso Ribero (Silver Spoons, Fresh Prince of Bel Air). Other notable Stage Roles include the national tours of Cats, Big River and Guys and Dolls. Currently running a small talent development company and video production house, in Los Angeles. He regularly talks to young people about career development and pursuing their dreams.

Thea Runyan, MPH

Thea Runyan, MPH is the Lead Behavior Coach for the Pediatric Weight Control Clinic at Stanford Children’s Hospital and cofounder of Kurbo Health, the first mobile, scalable weight management solution for kids, teens, and families. To learn more about Kurbo, please visit Kurbo.com.

Steve Samaniego-profile-picture

Steve Samaniego

Steve Samaniego is President at Xamaze Tutoring, which provides in-home and learning center based tutoring solutions for California students.

Bara Sapir-profile-picture

Bara Sapir

Bara Sapir is CEO and Founder of TPNY/TPSF, the only test prep company to fuse academic and test preparation training with mental enhancement techniques to optimize test-taking potential. We feature an impressive track record of students exceeding their target scores and a reputation for helping clients reach scores they were unable to attain after training with big name test prep companies.

Jason Sarouhan

Jane & Jason Sarouhan are the co-founders of J2Guides and are professionally accredited gap year counselors through the Gap Year Association. They have each spent the last ten years advising students on gap year opportunities and the fifteen years prior to that leading, coordinating and directing gap year programs. Of course, they each took gap time as young adults too!

Ethan Sawyer

Ethan Sawyer (aka College Essay Guy) has been helping students tell their stories for more than 10 years. He’s a graduate of Northwestern University and received an MFA from University of California Irvine. He has two counseling certifications, one from UC Irvine and one from the Interchange Counseling Institute. Through his website, www.collegeessayguy.com, he offers free resources, one-on-one essay coaching, and more.

Brad Schiller-profile-picture

Brad Schiller

Brad Schiller is the CEO of EditRevise, a service that provides professor quality writing feedback on a student budget. He is a leading proponent of democratizing access to feedback, enabling everyone to improve their skills regardless of socioeconomic status and personal connections. He is the author of Embrace the Case Interview, a guide for aspiring consultants to get the interview and land the job and frequently writes on the EditRevise Writing Center and BradsBlog.com.

Andrew Schlegelmilch, Ph.D.-profile-picture

Andrew Schlegelmilch, Ph.D.

Andrew Schlegelmilch, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice in San Francisco, and former Head Psychologist of Orion Academy, the nation’s first college preparatory high school for children with Asperger’s and related neurocognitive disorders. Dr. Schlegelmilch recently authored “Parenting ASD Teens: A Guide to Making It Up As You Go.”

Marie Schwartz

Marie Schwartz is the CEO and Founder of TeenLife Media. Marie launched TeenLife in 2007 after moving to Boston with her husband and two middle school sons and discovering that there were no information resources for families with older children. Today, TeenLife's award-winning website lists thousands of summer and gap year programs, schools, college admission resources and volunteer opportunities for teens around the world.

Customer Service-profile-picture

Customer Service

Sophie Borden graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with degrees in Environmental Studies, Spanish, and Writing. She is a Marketing Associate at TeenLife and lives in Boston. She loves traveling, cooking, and dogs, especially her little rescue pup, Lily.

Suzanne Shaffer

Suzanne Shaffer counsels parents and students in the college admissions process and the importance of early college preparation. Her Parenting for College blog offers timely college tips for parents and students, as well as providing parents with the resources necessary to help their college-bound teens navigate the college maze.

Sarah Shemkus

Sarah Shemkus is an award-winning freelance journalist, accomplished baker, second-place Jeopardy contestant, occasional globetrotter and total nerd (with a particular fondness for spreadsheets). She covers topics from education and small business to food and sustainability. Her work has been published in The Boston Globe, The Guardian, Slate, and other fine publications.

Shirag Shemmassian

Dr. Shirag Shemmassian is a nationally-recognized college admissions expert who has helped hundreds of students get into America's top colleges through Shemmassian Academic Consulting. A debt-free graduate of Cornell University and UCLA, he systematically helps students develop unique extracurricular profiles, write standout college essays, and everything in between to get into their dream schools.

Aditya Singhal-profile-picture

Aditya Singhal

Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of Transtutors, a leading international online education portal. Imparting education, apart from being a business, is also a passion for Aditya. He is avidly indulged in helping students develop their skills and counsels them for their career aspirations. He is devoted to the social cause of making education available to the underprivileged by contributing a part of his revenue from Transtutors towards their education.

Joyce Slayton Mitchell-profile-picture

Joyce Slayton Mitchell

Joyce Slayton Mitchell, former public and school college counselor, author of WHO IS THIS KID? COLLEGES WANT TO KNOW! Writing Exercises for Winning Applications, 2019; 8 First Choices: Strategies for Getting in, 4th Edition, 2020. Education Consultant for U.S. College Admissions, US and China.

Katrielle Soussana

Katrielle Soussana is a student in North Carolina who has a passion for learning and helping others. She plans to pursue a career in STEM. She has her own blog, www.sagacity.space which is about education and school.

Emily Southey

Emily Southey graduated from McGill University in June 2015. Since graduating, she has been working full-time as Content Director at GradeSlam, an educational technology company specializing in on-demand, online tutoring. To learn more about GradeSlam, please visit GradeSlam.org, and to read more of Emily's posts on student life, please visit GradeSlam.org/blog.

Lindsey Stahley

Mandee Heller Adler is the Founder and CEO of International College Counselors, one of the world’s largest college admission counseling companies, a Certified Educational Planner and author of From Public School to the Ivy League: How to get into a top school without top dollar resources. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with honors and two degrees before receiving an MBA from Harvard Business School. Mandee has helped hundreds of students worldwide gain acceptance to college.

Megan Stubbendeck-profile-picture

Megan Stubbendeck

Dr. Megan Stubbendeck is a seven-year veteran of the test prep industry with ten years of teaching experience. She earned her PhD in History from the University of Virginia where she taught for three years in the History Department. She brings many years of experience as both an Elite Instructor and the Coordinator of Instructor Development at Revolution Prep. As the Senior Director of Instruction at ArborBridge, Megan oversees the curriculum team and their developments.

Brittany Sulc-profile-picture

Brittany Sulc

Brittany Alexandra Sulc is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles, California. While she handles content writing for numerous websites and businesses, her passion is for relatable, humorous, and painfully honest writing. When she's not frantically typing, you can find her drinking coffee and reading books with her two cats and one small human.

Elizabeth Suneby

Liz Suneby is the author of books for children and teens, including “The Mitzvah Project Book: Making Mitzvah Part of Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah” and “Your Life”, published by Jewish Lights, and the Children’s Choice award-winning “See What You Can Be: Explore Careers That Could Be For You.”

Jill  Suskind-profile-picture

Jill Suskind

Jill Suskind, M.Ed. is a 25-year veteran public school teacher. Since 2007, she has been working with parents and their teens, providing innovative, practical, and effective resources and guidance for preparing teens for adulthood with positive money habits and attitudes.

Venkates Swaminathan

Venkates Swaminathan is the founder and CEO of LifeLaunchr, which provides expert, personalized college admissions coaching to help students find their best-fit college or career and get in. LifeLaunchr helps students starting as early as their freshman year of high school, and assists with all aspects of the application process: essays, college selection, applications, financial aid, and scholarships.

Elly Swartz

Elly Swartz is the founder of The Essay Adviser, a writer, a lawyer, and a former teacher of Legal Research and Writing at Boston University School of Law. Elly helps navigate the application process, and is dedicated to providing personalized application and essay advisory services for college, graduate school and independent secondary school through individual advising and group workshops.

Dr. Vikram Tarugu

Dr. Vikram Tarugu serves as Chief Executive Officer at Detox of South Florida. He recognizes the weight of patients trusting him with their comfort and well-being. Every day, he strives to answer questions and address the critical aspects of each patient’s health.

Marthe  Teixeira-profile-picture

Marthe Teixeira

Marthe Teixeira is the founder/CEO of Stixs and Stones and a wellness coach for teen girls and women. She works with Waltham organizations and schools, and coaches clients one on one. She looks to help parents of teenagers navigate the pitfalls and perils of teen life.

Alex Thaler-profile-picture

Alex Thaler

Alex Thaler is the founder of Edswell and Zoomita. His book, “The Art of the Personal Statement,” is the first mindfulness-based guide to brainstorming, writing and editing application essays. Alex received his BA from UC Berkeley and JD from University of Pennsylvania. He lives in Berkeley, California, with his wife and family.

Shannon Vasconcelos

Shannon Vasconcelos is Director of College Finance at College Coach, the nation’s leading provider of education advising, where she delivers workshops and provides individual counseling on the college finance process. Before joining College Coach, Ms. Vasconcelos worked in financial aid at Boston University and Tufts University. She has a BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts and an MA in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University.

Steven Vasquez Lopez-profile-picture

Steven Vasquez Lopez

Steven Vasquez Lopez was born in Upland, California, and currently lives and works in San Francisco, where he is Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI). Lopez completed his MFA in Painting from San Francisco Art Institute in 2007, and received his BA in Studio Art from UC Santa Barbara in 2000. He has received many honors and awards, and is exhibiting in galleries and museums across the country. He is represented by Carl E Smith Gallery in LA.

Adam Villone-profile-picture

Adam Villone

Adam Villone is an award-winning writer, producer, director, and creative director who has made a living telling stories in broadcast and cable television, independent and documentary production, and advertising and corporate communications for many years.

David Wachtel

David Wachtel is the CEO of MePlusMore, LLC and has served Arizona’s EdTech and startup community for the past 10 years. In addition to his role as CEO, David is an Academic Associate at Arizona State University’s Entrepreneur and Innovation organization. For more information, please visit www.meplusmore.com.

Jennifer Wagner-profile-picture

Jennifer Wagner

Jennifer Wagner created Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology as a way to help parents and other adults keep up with pop culture and technology as a way of bonding with teenagers.

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Lauren Walters

Lauren Walters is currently in graduate school for mental health counseling. She has a BA in Psychology and a minor in Business Administration. She loves to inspire others through her writing.

Ellen Wassif

Ellen Wassif graduated with her Master’s Degree in Social Work in 2005 from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She started her career working as a field guide at Second Nature Wilderness Program. Ellen spent the following 5 years doing assessment, counseling, crisis and grief response in medical settings and another 4 years in traditional mental health settings. She works at Monarch School, and lives with her husband and two daughters in Sandpoint, ID.

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Lizzie Weakley

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. She went to college at The Ohio State University where she studied communications. She enjoy the outdoors and long walks in the park with her 3-year-old husky, Snowball.

Barbra Weidlein

Barbra Weidlein is co-founder and director of MajoringInMusic.com, which provides the tools and guidance to empower smart decisions and choices about majoring in music and establishing a viable career in music.

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Scott Weighart

Scott Weighart is Director of Learning and Development with Bates Communications in Wellesley, Mass. Prior to joining Bates in 2011, he worked in the education and private sectors, helping students of all ages reach their full professional potential through books, articles, workshops, classes, coaching and integrated learning systems. For more than 10 years, he was on the faculty of the Department of Cooperative Education at Northeastern University, providing career coaching to students.

Sladen West

Sladen West is a freelance writer dedicated to helping others stay safe through general auto safety education and a good defensive driving course.

Sladen West

Sladen West is a freelance writer dedicated to helping others stay safe through general auto safety education and a good defensive driving course.

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Evan White

My name is Evan White and I love everything about business! When I was a Freshman in High School I always did random evaluations of companies for fun; I was basically the coolest kid at the school. Eventually I moved on to writing words which turned into my first publication titled Common Anomaly. Ever since I have been writing useful articles and columns in order to keep my peers well aware of pecuniary opportunities as well as the current economic environment.

Tim Whittum

Tim Whittum is the Director of Freshman Admission at Southern New Hampshire University. He has been with SNHU for seven years, helping to ensure that a high-quality private education is within reach for as many students as possible.

Tim Whittum

Tim Whittum is the Director of Freshman Admission at Southern New Hampshire University. He has been with SNHU for seven years, helping to ensure that a high-quality private education is within reach for as many students as possible.

Barbara Williams

Barbara Williams is the content manager for www.findababysitter.org. She loves writing articles on subjects like parenting & childcare.

Amy Williams

Amy Williams is a journalist and mother in Southern California. With two children who are constantly on social media, she finds it important to use trending events as ways to educate them. You can read more of her content on the TeenSafe blog, where she writes about parenting-related issues.

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Pam Willsey

Pam Willsey, a licensed therapist and certified life coach, is the industry leader in equipping young women to navigate the challenges and opportunities of their Freshman year. She is the founder of the Freshmen 2.0 College Bound program, the “real deal girls project,” and has been leading "The Grrrls Connection" for middle school and high school girls for over 15 years. Willsey, a mother of two, is the CEO of willseyconnections.com, a Boston-based coaching firm.

Scott Wilson-profile-picture

Scott Wilson

Scott is the CEO & Founder of Tutor Tango LLC, a high-quality online tutoring and test prep service for students in grades 7 and above. He has 11 years of teaching experience and 9 years of tutoring experience. He has worked as a Latin teacher in suburban Cleveland and at a prestigious Manhattan private school.

Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson is the founder of Brightmont Academy, an accredited private school for students in grades 6-12. Brightmont uses a one-to-one instructional approach, pairing one teacher with one student to customize all aspects of the educational program, and currently has campuses in Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington State. Since 1999, Brightmont Academy has helped nearly 4,000 students achieve success. For more information, call 888-521-0887 or visit www.brightmontacademy.com.

Cameron Yanoscik

Ms. Ren has a B.S. degree in Physics, and a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. Her professional career began as a design engineer at IBM. Her visionary and leadership skills led her to positions in business and management in high tech and financial services companies. She founded a technology and new media based enrichment program, which rapidly grew to a successful program in schools and community enrichment programs.

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Jessica Zdunek

Jessica Zdunek is the content marketing manager for Cappex.com, a free resource that helps match students with their best-fit colleges and provides thousands of scholarships.

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Matthew Zehr

Matthew Zehr is a Content Publisher at LendEDU, a marketplace for student loans and student loan refinance. LendEDU helps borrowers find the best terms and rates available with one application.

Eddy Zhong-profile-picture

Eddy Zhong

Eddy is CEO and Co-Founder of LeanGap (https://leangap.com/). LeanGap offers a six-week summer entrepreneurship program in Boston, MA.

Sara Zhou-profile-picture

Sara Zhou

Sara Zhou is a senior high school student at the Winsor School in Boston.

Pallas Ziporyn

Pallas Snider Ziporyn is the author of Graduate with Zero Debt and The International Student’s Guide to American Colleges. She is a college counselor, writer, and speaker specializing in college search and selection, financial aid, and admissions to elite colleges. She is a graduate of Harvard College and formerly worked at the Harvard College Undergraduate Admissions Office.