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Ava Wichser is a student at UMKC Conservatory of Music and Art

Ava Wichser is studying dance at the University of Missouri Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance. How did you discover your passion for dance? I discovered my passion for dance when I first started dancing at a serious level, but every day I find more and more passion as I dance. There is so much to achieve and there is always room to push yourself and expect greater things. Always reaching for more sparked my passion. What's your favorite thing about performing? When you perform, it is the only thing that matters. Being completely present and sharing your art ...

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University of Arizona College of Fine Arts: Delphine Chang

Delphine Chang is studying dance at the University of Arizona College of Fine Arts. How did you discover your passion for dance? Dance plays a significant role in many cultures. I was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, surrounded and inspired by the city’s magnetic energy and vibrant culture. I was mesmerized by the dancing in traditional festivals, which ultimately spurred my love for this art form. What’s your favorite part about performing? I love how a performance can mean something different to everyone. The presence of ambiguity in many creations is what excites and inspires me. That said, I have always ...

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Male sound engineer working on a sound board as part of his music career.

Although many musicians perform, most don’t rely only on performance to meet their financial and career needs. Making it in classical ensemble or musical theater, as a singer/songwriter, or with a band can be a slow and uneven journey – even when it works! And not every musician wants to perform. So what else can you do with your life if you really want to major in music? Here are some options. 1. Music Technology If you’re passionate about music and consider yourself a computer nerd, music technology may be a good fit. Many music schools offer majors in recording, ...

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The circus employs lion tamers and trapeze artists – and the people who walk behind the elephants with a broom and a big dustpan. Put another way, show biz isn’t all about glamour. The hard reality is that only a few people have the skill and luck to make a good living as a musician, actor or dancer. The good news is that there are plenty of interesting things to study in performing arts programs that don’t include cleaning up after elephants. A recent look at Playbill.com showed a range of nonperforming job openings in theater: a stage supervisor in ...

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8 Tips for Getting Into Arts Management

There is plenty to the arts that is imaginative, but there’s also a side that, while creative, is more nuts and bolts. Somebody has to see that the light bill gets paid. That’s where the arts administrator or manager comes in. People with a degree in arts managment “work behind the scenes to make sure artists keep creating and the public keeps appreciating art of every kind,” according to the College Board website. With expertise or a degree in arts administration, you could help manage a museum, theater, opera house, ballet company, art gallery or other profit-making or nonprofit organization. ...