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12 Ways Educators Can Recharge This Summer

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12 Ways Educators Can Recharge This Summer

With summer almost here, I’m sending a big congratulations to school counselors, teachers, and school administrators on finishing another year! No doubt we are all ready for summer and are deserving of a restful vacation. I admit that a recent Facebook post by a former colleague has me envious: She is off to Thailand to “seriously unplug” at a yoga camp. I turned that envy into the following list of a dozen ways for the rest of us (ahem - who are not able to make it to Thailand this year) to unwind and unplug this summer, too!

12 ways an educator can recharge this summer:

1. Binge watch one of those television shows our students are always talking about.

2. Read a book for pleasure, the newspaper from front to back, and issues of favorite magazines that piled up during the school year.

3. Stay up late, sleep in, and take regular naps!

4. Look for a new job. You might find a surprising opportunity, or you’ll realize how good you have it.

5 Meet with a financial planner and chart your retirement.

6. After meeting with your financial planner, buy a lottery ticket.

7. Take a long walk with no destination.

8. When is the last time you tried something new? Try karate or Zentangle. Learn to play the guitar or finish that craft project you have been meaning to do for years.

9. Buy a fitness tracker, set goals, and meet or surpass them. I’m particularly determined to meet that sleep goal I’ve failed so often!

10. Go shopping when everyone else is working. You’re guaranteed to get a great parking spot, and the shops are less busy!

11. Volunteer. I know as educators we’re asked to give all year long, but you’ll feel gratified giving back in a new way outside of school.

12. Let things go. There are many ups and downs in the school year - a challenging parent meeting, a disagreement with your principal or colleague, a student you feel you failed to reach. Learn from these lessons and look forward rather than backward. Let. It. Go.

And, of course, have a wonderful summer!

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Written by Meg Mahoney

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Meg Mahoney, Ed.M., MEd is a licensed Massachusetts school counselor with seven years of experience as an educator, previously serving as high school counselor at the International School of Panama for four years and now as a private college counselor at Collegewise in Newton, MA. Meg is the Educator Outreach Liaison at TeenLife Media and a regular contributor to TeenLife publications. Her most joyful role is the one of mother to her three amazing girls.

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