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    TeenLife Summer Opportunity Presentations for 2021

    Posted May 7, 2021, 6:00 pm by Janice Haller
    virtual summer

    This year, we launched our new virtual summer fairs to give students and organizations the chance to connect no matter the obstacles (distance, time, cost, or a pandemic). Our summer fairs occurred in December 2020, February 2021, March 2021, and April 2021. Over the four fairs, we had 44 organizations give brief presentations on their unique summer opportunities.

    TeenLife LIVE: December 2020 Virtual Summer Opportunities Fair

    Our first info session saw six organizations (with links to the programs they were promoting):

    Stanford University Pre-College Summer Institutes presented their online, co-ed summer program that is designed for grades 8 to 11. You can study a single subject, for no credit, and engage with peers from all around the world. Subjects include, but are not limited to: business, computer science, and legal studies. To learn more about this program, check out Stanford’s December 2020 TeenLife presentation.

    Loyola Marymount University introduced their online summer program that covers subjects like: Acting for the Camera, Environmental Science, and Sports & Entertainment Business. All of these courses are two weeks long and do not offer high school or college credit. You can learn more about their unique programs and what you can expect by watching Loyola’s December 2020 TeenLife presentation.

    Watson Institute discussed their Semester Accelerator Program where college students, recent graduates, and gap-year students can learn how to tackle issues like climate change, social justice, and poverty. 90% of students receive a scholarship based on need and merit. They also will receive mentorship from experienced professionals and be part of the 260 alumni from 60 countries. Check out Watson Institute’s December 2020 TeenLife presentation to learn more.

    LanguageBird can give students the chance to learn a new language, 14 available, from an engaged and accredited instructor. You can learn anytime, anywhere with flexible scheduling and one-to-one instruction. Included in the 14 available languages are: American Sign Language (ASL), Arabic, Korean, Spanish, and French. To hear more about why LanguageBird might be the platform for you, check out LanguageBird’s December 2020 TeenLife presentation.

    Boston Leadership Institute is a unique program that offers a wide range of remote programs from “Pre-Med Task Force” (where you can learn how medical professionals are tackling the COVID pandemic) to “Sports Statistics” (think “Moneyball”). Whether you want to learn about investing, forensic science, or photography, there is an option for you! Make sure you watch Boston Leadership Institute’s December 2020 TeenLife presentation for more information.

    UC San Diego Pre-College Programs is designed to give students from 3rd to 12th grade the chance to become immersed in an online, credit-bearing program for kids and teens. Whether it’s through the Academic Connections program, Research Scholars program, or the Sally Ride Science Junior Academy, students can expect a subject for all interests and abilities. Check out UC San Diego Pre-College’s December 2020 TeenLife presentation to hear more.

    TeenLife LIVE: February 2021 Virtual Summer Opportunities Fair

    Our second virtual summer fair took place on February 25, 2021 with 18 organizations, including LanguageBird (watch their February 2021 presentation here) and UC San Diego (watch their February 2021 presentation here). The new organizations that joined us were:

    World Scholars Academy offers online summer courses taught by world-leading professional scholars. Students can expect ten live and interactive online classes and two, one-on-one personalized tutorials. Courses are open to 15 to 18 year-olds and 12 to 14 year-olds in: business, medicine, law, engineering, computer science, and career exploration. To learn more about the details and hear from a World Scholars Academy representative, check out their February 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Missouri Military Academy Summer Programs offers two tracks: middle school (7th to 8th) and high school (9th to 12th). Participants can expect to be challenged academically and physically, including interactive projects and evening study hall. Students can participate in individual activities after classes and on weekends, including activities like: soccer, horseback riding, swimming, and so much more. Make sure you check out Missouri Military Academy’s February 2021 TeenLife presentation to learn more.

    Teach Me Wall Street offers a virtual wall street summer camp open to those in 9th to 12th grade. Students can pick between four different tracks: Wall Street 101; Investing & Trading; Budgeting & Beyond; and Fintech, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. How do you know which track is right for you? Check out Teach Me Wall Street’s February 2021 TeenLife presentation to find out.

    Maryland Institute College of Art has a remote program for rising junior and high school senior artists and designers. Participants can expect to earn two college credits after completing the program, which is a combination of live instruction, studio time, and a mix of community events, workshops, and artist talks. If you want to know more about the artistic focus, types of mediums, and other details, then check out Maryland Institute College of Art’s February 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    EF International Language Campuses is ready for those who are itching to go abroad! Want to see the world and learn a new language? Study anywhere from two weeks to a year, for ages 13 and up. You can even earn transferable college credit through the University of Montana. You can live abroad and participate in a homestay while learning languages like French, Spanish, Korean, or Arabic (along with many more). Want to know how to sign up for a memorable time abroad? Make sure you watch EF International Language Campuses’ February 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Summer Discovery offers a pre-college program for high school students, partnered with 11 universities. Summer 2021 is completely online and broken into two and three week courses. There are six potential start dates, depending on the course and the length of the session. Partnered with institutions like UCLA and Georgetown, students can learn about business, psychology, sports business, and so much more. To find out more about the program and how to sign up, make sure to watch Summer Discovery’s February 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    UMass Amherst Pre-College has online summer opportunities that are designed to introduce students to college-level academics. Courses are delivered through live meetings and paired with offline assignments and projects. Students will meet three to five times a week and will access their coursework through online platforms like Blackboard. From classes like Equine Science to Advanced Sports Marketing, students can participate in sessions that last for a week to two weeks. Learn more about UMass Amherst’s Pre-College Program by watching their February 2021 TeenLife Presentation.

    Boston University Summer Term High School Programs offers five challenging, exciting, and fully remote programs. High school students can earn college credit, conduct research, and get involved with project-based learning. Programs are offered in one-week, two-week, three-week, and six-week programs starting in either May or July. Want to learn more about the individual programs offered and what you can expect? Check out Boston University Summer Term’s February 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Berklee College of Music has both in-person and online summer programs available for Summer 2021. On-campus programs are based in Boston, MA or Valencia, Spain. Students can study musical theater, dance, composition, and focus on individual instruments based on their abilities and interests. Programs have different start dates and specific requirements, whether it be age or ability. Want to know if you qualify and how you can sign up? Watch Berklee College of Music’s February 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Sotheby’s Institute of Art offers an online pre-college course that runs for two weeks covering a wide range of art-centered topics. Courses go over subjects like: art business, art history, art crime/law, and so much more. Classes are open to 10th to 12th graders and graduating seniors, with classes offered in one of the four terms that start in June or July. Want to know more about Sotheby’s online program? You can learn so much more by checking out Sotheby’s Institute of Art February 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    NYU Precollege Summer Program is open to high school students (rising juniors and seniors) and gives them a chance to earn college credit while experiencing life as an NYU student. This six-week program gives students the opportunity to choose courses from more than 30 fields of study. Whether it’s archeological history of New York, a foreign language, or business/finance, there is a course for you. Want to hear more about the ins and outs of their program? Check out NYU Precollege’s February 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Global Routes is an international program for high school students that combines meaningful community service, memorable homestays, and unmatched adventures off-the-beaten-track. Their 2021 high school summer programs include locations like Costa Rica and Nepal, where you can do things like plant trees, teach English, or build a school. This program is made for those who have a thirst for adventure and the desire to make an indelible mark on the lives of others. To learn more about their unique program, check out Global Routes’ February 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Landmark College offers a high school summer program that runs for three weeks and is designed for students who find it challenging to keep up academically. The program will introduce students to skills and strategies that prepare them for college-level work and experience college life. Participants will learn to develop a writing process, integrate study strategies, and focus on developing better daily habits. Want to know if Landmark College’s program is right for you? Watch Landmark College’s February 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Syracuse University Pre-College has an online summer college that offers over 70 credit and noncredit courses that last three to six weeks and is available for rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders as well as recent high school graduates. They offer two three-week sessions and one six-week session, starting in July and August. Courses include: Aerospace Engineering to Writing, Rhetoric, and Social Action. Want to learn more about how the courses are delivered and what you can expect? Learn more from Syracuse University Pre-College Program’s February 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Illinois Institute of Technology offers an online, pre-college program open to high school students (ages 14 to 17). The ten courses offered cover topics like Artificial Intelligence and Game Design, they are offered over two sessions starting in June and July. They are also limited to 15 to 30 students, depending on the subject, so those interested should sign up as soon as they can. Want to know if there are any prerequisites or requirements to sign up for these classes? Find out about that and more from Illinois Institute of Technology’s February 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Tufts University has a pre-college program open to 10th to 12th graders, as well as a recent high school graduate (participants must be at least 15 years-old at the start). They offer one, two, and three-week intensives along with a six-week experience. Whether it’s coding, robotics, or arts, there is a virtual program for every interest and ability. There are also unique program experiences like Mini-Med School, which is a two-week program for those who hope to become future doctors. Learn more about Tufts University’s Pre-College Program by watching their February 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    TeenLife Live: March 2021 Virtual Summer Opportunities Fair

    Our third virtual summer opportunities fair took place on March 25, 2021 with 17 organizations taking part! Seven of these organizations participated in previous virtual fairs, so be sure to check out their presentations here:

    The ten organizations that presented for the first time were:

    Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) has online retreats for teens (ages 15 to 19) to help them reduce stress and cope with the demands of everyday life in a self-empowering way. Participants will learn about meditation, mindful movement, and inner stillness while working with others in small-group discussions to foster social connections. How does this format work online? What do you need to get the most out of a program like this? Watch Inward Bound Mindfulness Education’s March 2021 TeenLife presentation to find out more.

    API High School offers unique summer abroad opportunities in locations like France, Spain, Bhutan, and Costa Rica. Each program has different minimum age requirements, so make sure to check out their individual qualifications. If you want to spend your summer in an intensive French language immersion program at the Institut Catholique de Paris, while earning five college credits, then you need to be at least 17 years-old with a 3.0 GPA. Learn more about their unique programs and how to sign up by watching API High School’s March 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Montclair University has an Early College Program for high school students with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Ambitious rising high school juniors and seniors can take one or two introductory college courses during the summer for three to six credits. Introductory courses include subjects like: Biological Sciences and World Languages (such as Spanish, French, and Korean). Courses are offered in-person, online, or hybrid format and in three, four, five, and six week sessions (depending on the subject). Want to learn more about this amazing opportunity? Make sure to watch Montclair University’s March 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Juniper Institute for Young Writers is excited to present online writing courses where students can focus on sharpening one of their many writing skills over the summer. Whether it’s finding your voice as a writer, learning about screenwriting, how to build a narrative, or creating a fantasy world, young writers can broaden their horizons and challenge themselves in unique ways. Make sure to watch Juniper Institute for Young Writers’s March 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Brehm’s Preparatory School offers a summer program that is designed for students (ages 12 to 18) with learning disabilities. Emphasis is placed on academics, adventures, and social awareness development. Whether the student has ADHD, Anxiety, or any disability that can get in the way of comprehension, language, or mathematical calculations. Students who want to build self-esteem, improve their academic skills, and make lifelong friendships in a nurturing and encouraging environment should look no further. Check out Brehm’s Preparatory School March 2021 TeenLife presentation for more information.

    ARCC Summer has amazing adventure programs where students can explore nature and learn about environmental conservation. Their summer 2021 programs include destinations like Belize (learn about reef conservation) and Costa Rica (work on jaguar conservation)! While each program has specific age requirements, most of these trips are open to students in 9th to 12th grade. Want to know how to see the world and make an impact? Make sure to watch ARCC Summer’s March 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Full Sail Labs offers both on-campus and virtual STEAM-based summer camps for kids (ages 7 to 12) and teens (ages 13 to 17) on a wide variety of topics. Whether it’s media or technology, all classes include lessons, interactive practice, collaboration, feedback, and more. Whether you want to do virtual or on-campus, both programs give participants the chance to learn, create, and explore for a memorable summer! Learn more by watching Full Sail Labs March 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Loop Abroad has a high school veterinary service where students (9th to 12th grade) can work alongside a veterinarian in places like Thailand and Australia. Students can expect to learn clinical skills like drawing blood, suturing, and assisting in minor surgeries (like spay and neuter). These programs also provide veterinary and research hours so you can apply to vet school. If you head to Thailand, then you can spend a week living and caring for rescued elephants! Find out more about their unique programs and if they’re right for you by watching Loop Abroad’s March 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Foundation for Teaching Economics runs selective pre-college programs that are designed to prepare high school students for leadership roles in the business world. They have unique programs that are tailored to your individual interests, like: Economics for Leaders (focusing on economics and leadership), Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy (learn basic economic principles for successful entrepreneurship), and Economic History for Leaders (bringing together history, civics, and economics). These programs are open to rising high school juniors/seniors and can provide college credit. Admission is competitive, so if you aren’t sure whether it’s right for you, check out the Foundation for Teaching Economics March 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute offers virtual summer programs for 9th to 12th grade students. Their Launch program is for 9th and 10th graders who will learn how to use research and technology to find solutions to current problems. The Frontiers program is for rising 11th and 12th grade students who want to explore STEM on a college level. They also offer a college credit version of this program where students will enroll in an undergraduate course taught by faculty. Want to know more about the types of classes offered and what can you expect from the virtual platform? Watch Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s March 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    TeenLife Live: April 2021 Virtual Summer Opportunities Fair

    Our final virtual summer opportunities fair for 2021 took place on April 29th with 17 organizations presenting. Of those 17, five of these organizations previously presented. You can catch their most recent presentations here:

    The 12 new organizations that joined us for our last virtual summer opportunities fair were:

    American Advertising Federation AdCamp has a summer program designed to teach high school students the many different aspects of advertising through hands-on experiences. Participants will get to work on a campaign for a real client, work along industry professionals, and explore different career avenues in marketing. Find out more about the ins and outs of this exciting summer program by watching American Advertising Federation’s April 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    American Councils for International Education offers the National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y), a unique program designed to foster international cooperation by helping American youth develop a culture and language skills. Students can receive merit-based scholarships for participating in this program and studying languages like Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and more. Previous language experience is not required. Learn more about this amazing opportunity by watching the American Councils for International Education’s April 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Adelphi University offers a pre-college summer program (either in-person or online) for rising high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. You can live on campus and earn college credit during their two week program based in Garden City, NY. If you take their online program, then you can earn their pre-college certificate and explore subjects like Global Entrepreneurship. See which option is best for you by watching Adelphi University’s April 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Exploration Summer gives 10th, 11th, and 12th graders the chance to “test drive” their future. Their pre-college and career programs give students the opportunity to get hands-on experience and learn more about fields like: artificial intelligence, business, medicine, law, and more. This in-person program gives students the chance to attend academic sessions with guest speakers, engage in student clubs, and so much more. Find out if their program is right for you by watching Exploration Summer’s April 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    MYX is a gap program offered for those ages 18 to 24 and gives them a chance to live in inspiring locations while they gain critical life skills while gaining real-world experience. While you’re exploring locations like Costa Rica, you can also pursue your online studies from top universities. If you want to learn more about their growing number of locations, cost, and so much more, be sure to check out MYX’s April 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    United Nations Association of Greater Boston is excited to offer a virtual Summer Institute in Global Leadership program open to 6th to 12th grade students. This unique program gives teens the chance to collaborate with students all over the world. You can participate from anywhere while participating in team-building exercises, hearing from guest speakers, and more. Students can attend one week or multiple weeks and may be held in-person if possible. Learn more about this collaborative experience by watching the United Nations Association of Greater Boston’s April 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Luv Michael is a community service organization with the focus of training, educating, and employing autistic adults. You can be a part of their mission by being a virtual volunteer, learning how to spread the word and advocate for their vision from your home. Want to volunteer for the summer (or beyond)? Make sure you watch Luv Michael’s April 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Leangap offers the chance for high school students (9th to 12th grade) to launch a successful startup over the summer. From developing their ideas/concepts to getting real customers and revenue along the way, students will experience it all first-hand. Whether it’s what you hope to do for a career or want a way for your college application to stand out, Leangap is here to help you jump start into your future. Find out more about how to sign up, costs, and what you can expect by watching Leangap’s April 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Brandon Hall has a unique summer program open to middle school and high school students. Middle school students can take Math/English review and high school students can take a wide variety of courses covering literature, history, science, math, and language. Classes are also flexible, in-person for those who are able to attend and virtual for those who are not. You can go even further by taking their SAT/ACT Boot Camp! To find out more about costs and session dates, check out Brandon Hall’s April 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Parachute Bridge is a virtual, career launching program that is designed to help students find their purpose through coaching, setting goals, practicing interviews, and so much more. This program comes with a YouMap profile, help with resume/cover letter, LinkedIn and networking, and finance coaching. All of this is free and designed to help you navigate your future. Watch Parachute Bridge’s April 2021 TeenLife presentation to find out more about their program and how to sign up!

    Carpe Diem Education offers a four-week program for those +17 years-old to study Spanish and/or learn more about environmental conservation and sustainability (depending if you attend their Costa Rica, Ecuador, or Hawai’i program). The programs will teach you how to be responsible travelers, respect the local culture, and how to nurture the environment. Want to learn more about how they’re handling COVID-19, costs, and session dates? Be sure to watch Carpe Diem Education’s April 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    University of Delaware has a Pre-College Experience (also known as EDGE) that is open to high school sophomores and juniors from across the country. Those that complete the program have the chance to earn up to nine transferable credits while learning more about college readiness and how to tackle the application process. From mid-July to mid-August, students can take up to three virtual college-level courses. Want to know what subjects are offered and what you can expect from EDGE’s virtual experience? Watch University of Delaware’s April 2021 TeenLife presentation.

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