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    Student Testimonial: Brandon Hall School

    Student Testimonial: Brandon Hall School

    Posted December 13, 2021, 12:13 pm by TeenLife

    Izzy Gottlieb - Brandon Hall School Center for Global Youth Leadership

    What Made You Choose This Summer Program?

    I attended the Center for Global Youth Leadership because I wanted to learn how to be a leader, and I wanted to learn about my new school and make connections with other students before starting in the fall. Every time a new entrepreneur came in to speak to use about their own experiences, I took a lot of notes because I knew I would learn a lot from what they told us. And I did learn a lot—like, a lot a lot!

    What Did You Learn While Attending This Summer Program?

    Since I stayed in the dorm, I also got to have my first experience with having a roommate. The fact that I could go up on a stage and talk and be confident—it was the first time I truly was able to do that. Eventually I got into the theatre program at school, because I wanted to get back up on that stage, even though I was terrified of it. It was the beginning of me being less shy! I got to a place where I could make a lot of friends and get to know everybody. I love Brandon Hall because everyone here is so supportive and really kind, and because it’s a small school, everybody can have one-on-one attention…it makes me feel important and like I have a place.

    What Is Your Advice to Teens Looking for A Summer Program?

    My advice to anyone applying to summer programs is a phrase I learned in Costa Rica, "Squeeze all the juice out of the lemon." Make the most of your experiences and learn everything you can from the programs that you choose to attend!

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